Jane Slalom Pro Carry Cot

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jane carry cotI bought the Carry Cot for my new baby as I did not like the way he slumped down in ordinary car seats. It is perfect as it has a wide velcro strap across the middle of the baby to ensure he is held firmly yet comfortably. I liked the protection the carry cot offered in the car. It has a hood with concealed mosquito net which doubles to protect your baby from flying debri in an accident. It has an apron which zips across the top of the cot to keep your baby warm and also protects and secures baby in the event of an accident. The cot has a waterproof mattress inside which can be raised by a handle on the outside. It has ventalation which can be turned on and off in the base of the cot.

The cot was very useful when going for walks up the woods with the dog as it held the baby in place with the velcro strap and stopped him rolling about. It was also handy having the mosquito net in summer to keep bugs out.The cot lasted until he was 5 months old and then he preffered to sit up in the car seat ( Rebel Pro)

Full info from jane site www jane es.

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