Japanese Pokemon Cards - General Info

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The purpose of this guide is to inform collectors and to promote collecting Japanese Pokemon Cards.

It is abundantly clear that the quality of Japanese Pokemon cards far exceeds all western representations. I have been selling Japanese Pokemon cards for well over 6 years and in that time have listed some of the rarest Pokemon cards ever created. True, Pokemon is not at the dizzy heights it was in 1999-2000 but there is still a sizeable collecting scene ranging from series cards to promotional cards and a niche market for the rarest Tournament & prize cards.

It is somewhat ironic that Japanese Pokemon cards will probably be more valuable when Pokemon ceases to be viable commercially (although it has been going over 10 years and still going strong), there will come a time when the Pokemon era will pass into history. I fully expect to then see a revival 10 to 15 years after this time when full sets, Promos and competition cards will once more be in high demand. Image what an original 'Surfing' Pikachu promo card first produced in 1997 in Japan will be worth? A fair bit for sure.

Of course western sets will equally be valuable but nothing like the Japanese ones, simply because the wonderful people of Japan just produce higher quality products than any other place on Earth.

Naturally, as a seller of Japanese Pokemon cards (mainly Promotional one) I am biased towards them, however, I have tried to give my honest prediction of the future value of the beautiful world of Pokemon.  

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