Jessica Stirling Stalker Trilogy Book List

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Have you started reading a great book only to find that it’s the second or third in a long series? Even worse if it mentions details from previous books you haven’t read! So, here at Apple Green Books we have put together a handy list for you to check the order of books in your favourite series, and you can also quickly and easily find them all on eBay for you to purchase. We hope you find it useful, and please do not hesitate to contact us to request a list of books we don’t have. Happy reading!

Jessica Stirling

Stalker Trilogy

Here are Jessica Stirling’s Stalker Trilogy novels in reading list order from first to last:

The Spoiled Earth (1974)

The Lanarkshire colliery village of Blacklaw is a harsh and unforgiving place, but it is home to the ambitious, hard-working Stalker family. Until the morning in March 1875, when a mining disaster takes a hundred lives and changes their life forever. The underground explosion kills their menfolk, but not their ambitions, their pride or their love for one another. Drew Stalker is the young man on whom their hopes rest. But it is on his sisters Kate and Mirren that the burden of saving their family will fall.

The Hiring Fair (1976)

Once as much a part of the Lanarkshire village of Blacklaw as the rich coal seam of its colliery, the Stalkers now dream of a better future. In Edinburgh, Drew Stalker studies law, determined never to return to the grinding poverty of his childhood. Mirrin, the most restless and vital of them all, takes to the road and begins her journey, from tinker's camp to hiring fair, to a glittering future on the music-hall stage. And the Stalkers who remain in Blacklaw join a violent and bloody riot when the mine-owner Houston Lamont pushes them, at last, too far.

The Dark Pasture (1977)

Seventeen years have passed and the Lanarkshire mining village of Blacklaw has weathered both depression and the driving ambition of its coalmaster. But at last, falling wages have driven the miners to desperate rebellion...In Edinburgh, drew Stalker has become Scotland's most eminent young advocate, with the highest honours within his grasp. Only scandal can bring him down - and scandal in the form of his bastard son is about to re-enter his life. His sister Mirrin faces a different threat to her hard-won respectability. As Tom Armstrong's eyesight fails and her farm's future become uncertain, Mirrin must draw on all her courage to survive.

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