Jewellery Making - Getting Started

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The question I am asked most often with regards to jewellery making is what you need to get started. The answer, as with so many crafts is very little. There are just 3 tools that you need. All available from craft supply shops or DIY stores. Firstly a pair of wire cutters. You can buy small jeweller's ones from craft shops but they blunt and chip very quickly ( for example memory wire is very tough to cut through). I would buy a proper pair from a diy store in the tools section. Mine are Bahco, made in Sweden, with orange and black handles. I can't tell you how much they cost because I stole them from my husband's tool box! Next a pair of round nose pliers; these are for making loops, and a pair of flat, long nosed pliers; for squeezing loops shut and holding pins tight.

Now you have the tools to get started. As for materials - start by buying small quantities from craft shops until you know what you like, then you can buy in bulk from ebay etc. With some small glass beads, head pins, earwires and memory wire you will see how easy it is to make earrings and bracelets. To make the earrings thread your beads onto the headpin. Cut off the excess wire with your wire cutters, leaving enough to make a loop. Use your round nose pliers to bend the end of the pin into a loop. Hang the loop from the earwire and squeeze it closed with your long nosed pliers. The easiest way to work out how to make jewellery is to look at the finished product in shops, or visit one of the many HOW TO websites out there in cyberspace.
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