Jewellery Metals

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Precious Metals

Gold - Yellow coloured precious metal.

White Gold - Alloyed with silver coloured metals.

Rose, Red or Pink Gold - Pinkish or reddish coloured gold. The gold gets it's colour from the copper within the alloy.

Carat (Karat) - 200milligrams

Silver - a grey coloured precious metal

Karen Hill Silver - made the Karen Hill Tribe in Thailand.

Tibetan Silver and Bali Silver - Some Tibetan and Bali Silver have little if any silver content at all and some may even contain lead, nickel and arsenic. Many factories have flooded the market with these beads. There are some which are geniun. If they look cheap be wary.

Vermeil - Sterling Silver plated with Gold

Gold, Silver and Rhodium Plate - Items plated with either gold, silver or rhodium are of another metal. In jewllery ofter copper or brass that has generally been electroplated with the gold, silver or rhodium.

Rolled Gold - a thin layer of gold laminated to the base metal

Gold Filled - a thin layer of gold over a base metal. The amount of gold must be a minimum of 5%




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