Josh Groban Concert Ticket Buying Guide

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Josh Groban Concert Ticket Buying Guide

Josh Groban is a world-famous singer who has dabbled a bit in acting. His voice, which is described as being between a tenor and a baritone, is so phenomenal that many of the world's top-notch singers love to sing duets with him. Groban's fame leads him to tour repeatedly throughout the year and fans of his music are always on the lookout for Josh Groban concert tickets.

While these tickets can be purchased directly at the concert venue, many fans save both time and money by buying their tickets through eBay. eBay's electronic system allows them to buy tickets without ever having to leave their home and gives consumers the additional benefit of being able to check out the seating schedule in order to purchase the perfect ticket. Buying a ticket is simple but fans do need to keep in mind the concert dates, as well as the venue itself, in order to make a wise purchasing decision.

What to Expect at a Josh Groban Concert

Because Josh Groban is extremely popular, most of his concerts are held at large venues like the O2. However, because many of his songs are set to a full orchestra, traditional concert halls are also used and can provide a more intimate setting for fans who would rather not fight with large crowds. Groban's concerts include a mixture of his songs, as he often brings unexpected duet partners on stage with him. Some of his famous on-stage duets include singers such as Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. In the 'Concert for Diana' he appeared singing beside Sarah Brightman. Fans adore his shows because they get to see many of their favourite singers alongside Josh himself.


Groban's fame only increases with each new CD he releases as he gains legions of new fans. This is good news for fans who enjoy Josh's music, however it can prove to be difficult when it comes time to purchase concert tickets. Most of the smaller venues sell out quickly, and even the larger venues sell out days before the show even begins. Buyers who want to get the best available seats in the house can expect to pay premium prices for the tickets, and may need to purchase them well in advance of the actual show. Most venues do not issue refunds on tickets, so a wise buyer needs to make sure that the future concert date does not conflict with any of their plans.

Josh Groban Concert Venues

When Josh Groban comes to the UK, he travels all around the country. However, most of these shows are for one night only, which means competition to buy these tickets is typically steep. Fans who want to see John need to check out the closest venue to their home and hope that they buy tickets early enough before the venue sells out.

The O2 Arena

London's massive O2 Arena has seating for 20,000 people, making it one of the largest arenas in Europe. This is good news for fans who want to be able to see Josh without having to fight for every last ticket. The venue is also able to change seating plans, so it is wise to understand how the seats are arranged beforehand. Concerts tend to use only a third of the arena with the seats behind the stage being blocked out. Some shows use floor seating, while others use floor standing charts.

Floor Standing

Floor standing means that the buyer purchases a ticket to stand on the floor in front of the stage. No seating is provided. This is a good option for younger fans, but older fans might want to consider purchasing a seated ticket.


Floor seats are located on the floor of the arena. The seats are divided into alphabetical sections with the A section typically being closer to the stage as opposed to the B section. These are usually the most expensive seats in the house.

Level One

Level one seats are located in the risers around the floor. They allow visitors to watch the show from a raised height. They are not as close to the stage as floor seats, but some fans do not want to be directly in front of the stage. The best seats are the ones that are directly, or almost directly across from the stage, while those that view the stage from a sharp side angle are usually less expensive.

Level Two

Level two seats are above the level one section, and located in the uppermost portions of the arena. Because of their distance from the stage, these seats are usually the least expensive option available. Again, the best ones are those that directly face the stage.

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall is the premier music venue in Scotland. The modern exterior and interior was painstaking designed for the best acoustical advantage. This venue includes an orchestra pit for stage productions and is divided into two main levels.

Seating Type






Upper Block


Upper Circle


The best seats in the house depend on the buyer. Some prefer the orchestra seats while others enjoy the terrace level.

Orchestra Seats

Orchestra seats are laid out directly in front of the stage. The floor slopes upwards at a slight angle, meaning one row is only slightly higher than the row in front of it. These are the seats that command premium prices, especially for the first few rows.


Terrace seats are located on the lower level along the raised sides of the orchestra seats. One row of terrace seats directly faces the stage while the other two sections are to the right and left of the orchestra seats. The side sections use seats that are placed at a slight angle, this enable the viewers to easily watch the show without having to crane their necks, a fact that guests appreciate after a few hours of watching a show.

Upper Block

Upper block seats are located on the upper level of the venue. They are higher than the terrace seats and directly face the choir stalls. Guests who sit in this section look down on the show from above. Depending on the particular block, guests either view the stage from the front or from the side. These seats tend to be less expensive than the lower level seats. All block seats are grouped according to alphabetical sections.

Upper Circle

Located directly behind the H, J, and K blocks, the upper circle section is the one furthest from the stage. However, there are some advantages to buying tickets in this section. First, all of the seats directly face the stage so that viewers get a good angle of the show. Secondly, these seats are the least expensive option of all, allowing fans who are on a tight budget to be able to visit the show. Finally, even though the seats are far from the stage, the sound quality does not suffer. Due to the meticulous design of the concert hall, the music sounds just as good in the upper circle as it does in the orchestra section.

How to Buy Josh Groban Tickets on eBay

Buying tickets online can sometimes be a greater hassle than it is worth, but this is not true of the eBay buying process. Already known as the place where the world comes to get great deals, eBay's ticketing platform allows buyers to quickly and securely purchase tickets to the venue and show they want. Buyers can get tickets either directly from the venue, or through a private seller. The best way to begin a ticket search is to type in 'concert tickets' and then do a search for Josh Groban.

The search engine automatically retrieves all tickets that match this term without regards to the venue. In most cases, this presents a list that is far too large. Therefore, you can search by concert date, or by the venue, in order to narrow the results even further. For example, 'Josh Groban O2 London', only returns results for the O2 arena in London. Buyers need to be careful to make sure they are looking for the O2 arena in London. This is due to the fact that there is another O2 arena in Ireland. Always double check and make sure the tickets are for the correct venue before settling on a section and a date for the show.


Josh Groban's music is incredibly inspirational and moving to his fans around the globe. His shows attract thousands of fans of all ages and backgrounds. Therefore, his tour dates are always in high demand no matter where he goes, meaning that his fans need to pay attention to the upcoming tour dates well in advance of the actual show. While Groban stops at several venues throughout the UK, the O2 arena in London, and the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, are some of his favourites.

Fans should find the show that is closest to where they live, and make sure to mark the date so that they do not lose their money by having conflicting plans. It is also a good idea to study the seating chart of each venue before buying the tickets so that the buyer knows where he or she wants to sit. By following all of these tips, a fan can have the ultimate Josh Groban concert experience.

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