Joyride Tokyo Drift Scale Models

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Why do Joyride think they can pull the wool over collectors eyes?!?!

Firstly I'd like to say that I loved the attention to detail for the 1st 2 film cars of which I have a large collection but simply taking models from previous films and painting them different colours and putting approximations of the decals on them is only letting themselves down.

Point 1: It was a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII that was used in the film not a VII, easy to spot the differences,

Point 2: The 350Z's both have different Veilside bodykits on them while their models only have standard bodywork, although I must admit their copy of the paint and graphics is commendable,

Point 3: The S15 Silvia is a close colour match but where are the decals and graphics,

Point 4: The most beautiful and most expensive car in the film, the Mazda Rx-7 FD3S with Veilside Fortune Kit which did have a major role in the film, is not included in their line-up.

Now while their Ford Mustang looks like a faithfull representation, as long as it has a Nissan 2.6litre Twin Turbo RB26 DETT engine in it, this hardly makes up for the other glaring oversights.

I am a keen car officionado, especially for Japanese Cars, as well as a fan of The Fast & The Furious films and for the technical crew to spend so much time and money building and sourcing such amazing vehicles for the film just for the company who is licensed to recreate these cars for collectors to completely ignore their work, wouldnt surprise me if it was considered an insult.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post as I didnt write it to be seen as someone who complains for the sake of complaining but for it to be seen as a constructive tool to show you that people do pay attention to detail, and that they are only hurting their own sales by creating for sale models which are not representaions of the cars they are labled to be.

I sent my views I have expressed here to Joyride and the reply I got was less than satisfactory. They claimed that the cars for the film were constantly under development for the film and didnt afford them enough time to construct accurate moulds for the models. Now this seems like a reasonable response untill you do your homework and find out that there were spyshots of pre-production cropping up in car magazines approximately a year and a half before the films release and these showed the cars in various states depending on the shots they were to be used in. Also the Rx-7 which is mysteriously vacant from Joyrides lineup wasnt even made for the film, it was built nearly two years ago by a private owner. So in my oppinion this was just an exercise in saving money by not having to make new molds and recycling existing molds and models.

Now maybe you think I'm just pokeing holes for the sake of complaining, thats up to you, but I feel very passionate about cars and I hate to see someones attention to detail and artistic flair being ignored.

Thank you for takng the time to read this, maybe it has helped you, maybe not, my only intention was to point out the apparent arrogance of large companys.

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