Joys Sewing Machines JSM Distributors Direct PF8001

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Having found  what looked to be a fantastic sewing machine machine on ebay, I telephoned JSM direct to have a chat about my requirements and I was so impressed with what this particular machine (PF8001) appeared to offer that I ordered it there and then over the phone.

It arrived within 2 days and I used it a few times and left it for a while before using it again.

In a nutshell, I must have used it for about an hour doing basic straight stitch hemming curtains when it completely jammed up. Now I don't know a thing about sewing machines and can only do basic stitching, but I couldn't get it going again. The bobbin wouldn't feed and it would do about 2 stitches and jam up. I emailed their helpline (THEY HAVE NO TELEPHONE HELP!!!!!!) and got no response and after a further 2 or 3 emails got really annoyed and phoned the sales number. I got a mobile number for a repair lady who said it needed to be returned. So, £20 to post it back (!!!) and I hear nothing back for about 2 months! When I did get a reply eventually, I was told there was absolutely nothing wrong with it and that I had to pay a further £15 to get it sent back to me.

When it arrived, I tested it and guess what - it didn't work still. I emailed another 2 times but am being ignored so the machine has sat under my bed since. In desperation I have bought another machine second hand costing £80 (different model) and its fabulous. Its a basic Brother but makes the Joys one feel very 'tinny' and lightweight in comparison. I'd love to know what make this PF8001 really is - I wondered if it was a Pfaff but it lacks their quality and the model doesn't look anything like theirs.

Can I just warn people wanting to buy any of the Joys sewing machines etc that I really don't think that they are particularly professional, their PF8001 sewing machine is certainly not worth £249 by any means and their customer service is non-exsistant. I am only upset that I did not buy it through Paypal so that I could demand my money back.

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