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We bought this for our daughter when she was 5 months old. It was quite pricey (we paid over £80 for it) but we didn't want a plain door bouncer which seemed to be about half as much anyway.

We had to put two cushions under her feet so she could bounce to begin with but she got the hang almost immediately and I have many videos of her giggling and screaming with joy in it. She is now 8 months old and still absolutely loves it. She starts to get excited when you lift her up to put her into it.

There are two tune settings. One plays an actual tune and the other is triggered by the bouncing action and plays various short little tunes. There is also a volume control with 3 settings - loud, quiet and off. Banging on the yellow bar on one side creates yet more noises (like animals roaring) as does spinning the wheel.

The seat spins round at 360 degrees so the baby can access all the playthings. The only shame is that there is one 'stem' that goes up that doesn't have a nice bird or frog hanging off of it. It would have been nice to have something one every stem.

The elephant toy is extremely hard to turn. It only moves about 45 degrees but even as an adult, it's tough to pull to get it to face the baby in the bouncer. I doubt our daughter will be strong enough to turn it until she's outgrown the actual Jumparoo.

My husband struggles to get her in and her feet through the holes but I think this is just a man thing ;-) It can be a little awkward but for us mums who can hold a baby with one hand and fit feet through the holes with the other - we manage just fine! :)

It is an excellent purchase for us and means I can do little bits and pieces around the house for short periods knowing she is perfectly safe and having fun.
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