Just because its cheap Dosnt mean its fake

Like if this guide is helpful

I am finding a reacurring problem, because my prices are so good in my shop people may be led into thinking that i am selling knock offs.

Everyone of my items that i sell are 100% Authentic, so here is my problem, i have read many guides that say start at a low start off price and the bids will flood in, RUBBISH! Start them to high and no one will bid, RUBBISH.

I have seen the same item as mine on many occasions sell for over double what mine sold for WHY?

Is it because my price was so low that people thought it was to good to be true?

I ended up selling a pair of trainers worth 100gbp for 20gbp - NOT financially good for me

And the other person selling the same item sold his for 65gbp?

He started his bidding at 40gbp and i started mine at 0.99 - He had 3 times the amount of bids as mine for the same item

I am actually asking for ideas as to where to go with this, is there a fine line between selling to cheap and causing concern to the buyer about authenticity issues and selling too high leading the buyer to believe it must be authentic due to its price?


My frustration is mainly because i listened to too many Ebay books on how to sell, NEVER AGAIN

Its cost me a fortune, i appreciate that everyone wants a good deal and i am here to give one, but you cant run a business by only making 10% on what you paid for it.

All  my items start at less than 1/2 retail prices, should i higher them?

My website address is w w w .wizzbuy.co.uk, which is a link to an ebay shop


I would appreciate your ideas so mail me i dont mind, im here to learn and be educated by YOU


Thanks for the read

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