K100 RT

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I bought a K100RT in 2007. A whim really. I was looking for a comuter which I could leave at the train station. Browsing on ebay I saw this big blue thing. Hmmm. I did some research and found they were a bike of choice for long distance dispatch riders - that's a pretty good recommendation I would say. So I bought it.

I wasn't expecting much in the way of performance and handling, so my first ride out was rather surprising. Of course, it's not fast or good handling in the sporting sense. But it has strong points. It's very big and very comfortable, which is actually a pleasing combination in practice. It's heavy, but once past 10mph it's easy to ride and the steering is neutral, so you don't feel the weight. As I trundled along at 50 down the A6, the heated grips began to work their magic, a glow began to warm my knees from the back of the fairing and I realised I was enjoying myself. Size, comfort, warmth and a full fairing equaled contentment.

I suggest you avoid slow traffic in town, cause it's a real pain and difficult to find gaps. My CB500 is much better through town. But out on the open road it's genuinly pleasant (even B roads) - much better than the CB unless you're after a sporty ride. The build quality is tractor-like and I'll bet they last forever. Easy to service and good online support for spares from motorworks. I keep thinking I ought to want to change it for something "better", but the truth is I don't want too. I like riding it.

It's now Nov 2008 and I still have it. I've put some new grips on to help with the weight and two new Avon Roadrider tyres and new fork oil. Still great for the 10 mile trip to the station! I just wish I could find a good reason for a long trip.


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