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For those of you new to Karmic Flower Essences, or requiring further information on my listings, I thought it would be of interest to give details of these.

This powerful group of essences has been developed with the love, help and guidance of the Ascended Masters to help facilitate healing at deeper levels. Seven of these essences cover each of the seven groups into which Dr. Bach divided his 38 flower remedies. The guidance from the Ascended Masters at this time is that the wonderful set of Flower Remedies discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's, work to treat, transmute and balance states of mind developed in this lifetime only (womb onwards).
There is a growing recognition among members of the healing professions that the cause of illness
and disease can often be found in deep rooted mental and emotional states which have their
origins in past incarnations.
Working at a very high vibrational frequency the Karmic flower essences help to release and clear
these very deep rooted states of mind from the subconscious. Held deep within us, these mental
and emotional patterns form our core belief structure - the framework from which we
unconsciously create our lives. As these patterns are brought into consciousness and cleared away, healing is facilitated not only within the individual but also within the collective consciousness of humanity. We are all One.

The Seven Karmic Essences

The Over Sensitivity Group -
White Bluebell
This essence is indicated for those souls that are extremely over sensitive. Those who are so influenced by negative vibrations around them that they are unable to concentrate on their own individuality/work. Useful for those choosing a spiritual path or perhaps spending much time in meditation. Many healers often need this essence especially if using psychic faculties in their work.

The Fear Group - Pink Rose
An extremely powerful essence to help release and neutralise karmic fear. These people will have been much troubled by fear, whether conscious or subconscious, and as such will have already used one or probably more of the existing fear essences extensively. When one has been treated with these for a considerable
time and they have barely scratched the surface, Pink Rose is indicated. Very often people suffer from nervous diseases; they may be agoraphobic or asthmatic. It may be more subtle, fears of persecution, burning, water etc. Most people have a karmic lesson to learn regarding conquering fear.

The Over Care & Concern for Others Group - Wild Iris
Wild Iris is the essence for the person who possibly in past lives has held positions of great authority, or responsibility, either for others or greater things. Hence, brought into this lifetime are very often deep feelings of worry or concern. These feelings may be difficult to pin down; possibly a deep anguish and concern for the planet, which many are suffering at present, or possibly concern for ones fellow man or a need to take on their pain. This essence is indicated for use after a course of any of the existing essences in this group. After use the person will be able to look at global, cosmic or mankind's problems in the right perspective.

The Uncertainty Group - Wild Orchid
This beautiful purple flower brings a degree of consciousness raising, for as our uncertainties and indecision become positive vibrations within us so we become more aware of our spiritual being. This awareness that we are a part of our Creator, all as one and not different to our fellow man is a very necessary step along our souls path and evolution. Only with this realisation comes our spiritual security, enlightenment, strength and courage, giving us a solid foundation from which to work.

The Loneliness Group - Water Lily
The karmic problem of this group is a loneliness brought into this lifetime by the soul, a residue from past incarnations where perhaps much time was spent alone or unable to communicate with our fellow man. The difference between Water Lily and the existing essences in this group is that this loneliness will feel soul deep and will bring with it an acute sadness whose depth is out of the reach of Heather, Water Violet etc. People in need of this essence will have been treated with a loneliness essence, possibly for a long time. While taking this essence they might recognise the shift to working at soul level and feel extremely sad. The sadness and loneliness will gently ease away over a short time.

The Disinterest Group - Valerian
A karmic essence for lack of interest in present circumstances. Perhaps this person is subconsciously locked into past incarnations, possibly to happier times in the soul memory to which it would like to escape, & is therefore unable to focus on the present. Valerian is the key to unlock that door so that we may realise the importance for our soul to learn this life's lessons thoroughly and to let go of the past. For those continually needing "grounding" to help stay in the body.

The Despair & Despondency Group - Yellow Rattle
Souls in need of this remedy carry a weight, an innate sadness, which in all likelihood they will be unable to express. A melancholy which echoes from previous lives in a similar way to the dried seed pods in the flower. When winds cast upon a meadow of Yellow Rattle the rattling sound will echo; the vibrations reverberating over surrounding fields in a similar way to the echoes of past hopelessness and despair.


Linking the 7 Karmic essences with the Bach Flower Remedies are a trio of‘spiritual light’ essences. These are often necessary bridges between the two.

A wonderful essence for dislodging and releasing blocked energy. Fuchsia opens up the heart chakra, bringing out all which has been locked inside. The floodgates will open releasing any pent-up emotions which are causing blockages preventing spiritual attunement. Once these emotions have been recognised they can be treated and worked through; this is a very important part of the learning process. The resultant emotions can be treated with essences from the Bach Flower leaflet or one of the above Karmic Essences. As the emotions are released the karmic lessons, duties and obligations can be recognised to be released and transmuted, thus bringing about a complete healing.

For those still in the dark, gloom, possibly even despair, but recognising the need to contact their spirituality. Like a person in a darkened room, moving around, bumping into things but unable to find that light switch. This is their essence. Their fingers will find the switch and their whole being will be flooded with light and love, which in turn will illuminate the world.

The Lily essence is for the spiritually insecure, bringing peace, serenity and comfort. These souls are finally reaching their destination or life’s purpose, bringing recognition of their Spiritual Being. This realisation can bring feelings of insecurity and until union with their Spirit is complete they can easily find their faith and
security shaken, sometimes rocking their very foundations. This remedy will bring back emotional and spiritual balance so that these souls can carry on, safe in the knowledge that God, Creator of all things, is guiding them and their foundations will, once again be as solid as a rock.


The 7 Karmic essences

Important - Take 4 drops of your chosen essence on the tongue 4 times a day for three days only. Leave 7 clear days to monitor results. If further treatment is necessary take as before for another 3 days. Or allow your intuition to guide you. We do not recommend taking more than one essence at a time.

It is not advisable to give these essences to children.

The Trinity essences

Take 4 drops on the tongue 4 times a day for as long as is necessary.
Preferably take essences away from food & drink. These are all stock level essences, to gain maximum healing benefit we recommend that you take them without further dilution.

It is best to store vibrational medicine away from TV's, microwaves, computers etc, in a cool place.


Using vibrational essences does not replace medical treatment
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