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KENWOODTICKETSHOP --- Oh they certainly look the business don't they? Remember though, Looks can be deceptive and deceptive is very apt here because this chancer plays it by the book generally but if the opportunity presents itself and he knows there will be no comebacks on him or repurcussions for his business then deceptive is likely what you'll get.

This racquet kenwoodticketshop is from my own and unfortunately also from my own innocent son's personal experience of doing business with him most definitely NOT to be trusted.

Yes if you look then you will see that on his page there are lots and lots of positive feedback, but think about it, of course there is otherwise he couldn't do business repeatedly without being shut down and exposed & he would have absolutely no credibility whatsoever but believe me given the opportunity to steal yours or even your kids money & savings providing he can get away with it and there is nothing his victims can easily legally do then he WILL and he DOES!

This underhanded schemer very cowardly had absolutely no qualms about ruining my son's birthday celebrations!

After some miscommunications I opened a dispute against him during which he promised me complete satisfaction and after pointing me towards his facebook page and boasting of his masses of feedback from all of his extremely delighted customers he then asked me to please close the dispute down straight away as because I had opened the dispute his account had been frozen and until I closed the dispute he maintained that he could not do ANY BUSINESS.

This was my first ever purchase on ebay & so in good faith I closed the dispute. After all I really didn't think for a second that this "business person" would deliberately steal my kids birthday present because seriously, WHO DOES THAT?

When he cleverly (Impressive or what, this took real cunning and intelligence... NOT) sent by tracked mail a sealed envelope containing JUST 1 ticket and not the 2 that I had paid in full for I realised he could prove he'd sent an envelope and that it had been received at my address but now it was my word against his/etc and I'm really quite surprised now that I know what I'm dealing with that this duckhouse geezer even bothered to send me one of my tickets. I mean if you can sleep at night knowing you've robbed £50 birthday money off a kid from his Mum then I can imagine the mentality of that sort is "woo hoo!!! Why stop at ripping off one child when you can show real enterprise and business acumen going for double bubble and ripping off two kids? Easy pickings eh? A proper geezer of sorts and some force to be reckoned with, mover and shaker that you are, you're a real entrepreneur aren't you Charlie big spuds but maybe you were off your "A GAME" that day were you big shot business man? Oh well, you'll know better next time wont you? I'm sure you are quite a fast learner really and that you pick up things quite quick... Ah bless...

Like taking candy from a baby this low rent chancer robbed me of £50 and as this VERY VERY EXPERIENCED SELLER knew he could get away with this deception as once I had closed down the dispute UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES could I EVER EVER reopen the dispute, so hey presto, RESULT!

Bigging the big man up aside though I'm sure anyone reading this, excluding the special one being read to very slowly would agree that as earners go that's scraping the barrel but saying that business is business and if there's a way to get something for nothing that's not a low life scum bag rip off merchant and a coward that's just a chance you take, afterall if you lay down with scabby dogs you're probably gonna get fleas... 

Ohhh Duckhouse your parents must well up with pride at the decent human being that you truly truly aren't? I reckon robbing kids of their birthday presents has got to be right up there with robbing your own granny but only if you could deffo get away with it hey because a wheeler dealer sharp shooter like you doesn't do anything unless it's easy and you don't want to come unstuck now do you? I mean it's one thing getting your kicks ripping off people who can't fight back but you don't want to get a name for it do you? What is the name for the likes of you anyway?

So if you're reading this think very hard before dealing with KENWOODTICKETSHOP and if someone's reading this to you the main man himself then pat yourself on the back and you go on and big yourself up Master Criminal, you robbed a kid and got away with it, for now anyway, and you made yourself a profit too, there really are no flies on you eh ducky?

Anyway no thanks to his efforts and at my own expense and even though it was at very short notice I did manage to replace what you stole from me through stubHub because I'm not a cowardly scumbag and I also don't let kids down. I borrowed money to pay for a 2nd ticket rather than let this rip off merchant ruin my kids birthday.
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