KIA SEDONA 2.9 TDI auto. year 2000 and 2006

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Hi..  thought the following might be useful to those looking for a larger sized mpv. Bought ours in June this year for an excellent price .  Had the usual run of  a picasso , 2 tacuma's and 2 scenics but found them sadly lacking in space. Sure , they were economical  but too fiddly when space was required . The Sedona is huge by comparison ,but still very easy to drive and manouvre in town or out on a run. Handling is excellent , no vagueness whatsoever and the power steering light and positive. Suspension is also very good, giving a comfortable ride. We've just completed a trip to southern Germany and back and it performed superbly . Fuel consumption around town / local trips is averaging around 32mpg , and a brilliant 42+ on the long trip just completed. Interior is functional with 2 captain chairs with armrests up front, great on a long journey, followed by a second pair immediately behind. Child seats are easily fitted thanks to sliding doors and acres of space. Brilliant for getting the kids in and out. Ours has the bench seat on the third row which has loads of movement forward and backward and giving the option of reclining fully or the seat base can be raised level with the backrest, enabling prams, shopping etc to be carried with ease.Usual storage areas, loads of cup holders etc, and a lockable drawer under the passenger seat. Heating is first rate with seperate controls for rear passenger area and the air con works very well when required. Rest of the controls are easily reached and with height adjustable column and seat , always clearly visible.It's  even got a turbo boost switch ! Haven't tried that , but it cruised the german autobahns at 90mph with absolute ease.

Completed 6000 miles since purchase and can honestly describe it as the best mpv we've had. Keep the diesel engine well serviced, I'm having mine done every 6k ,and it should last forever.

Will I buy another.....definitely.

Cheers.   Dave.

UPDATE  28th Sept 08......just changed for a 2006  LE auto . This has the  CRDI engine introduced in 2002 which is definitely quieter , and there are the obvious external changes to grille , lights etc.  The rear bench seat has been replaced with two individual ones and the plastic interior trim is much improved . Only had it a few days so I will add anything relevant that crops up from time to time, but first fuel consumption check involving 70 miles motorway , admittedly keeping to 60mph , and local running around worked out at 35mpg.

Still think it's the best value , family MPV on the market. If you check out the net you'll find it has been voted best value used MPV by motoring press for 3 years running !

Buy one and you won't be disappointed. ....BUT just a word of caution, there's usually a lot advertised with 55 to 58k on the clock...main reason i suspect is that cambelt change is due at 60k and is around £500 because other bits need replacing as well.   Budget for this, or haggle , or ask  if dealer is prepared to do it before buying. There's plenty around and with recent fuel hikes and threats of road tax increases you should be able to get a good deal because dealers seem anxious to move bigger engined models from forecourts. Mine certainly was , and I got it for £6995 with only 21k on the clock !

17/11/08..........  1  Negative. The change from the rear sliding bench seat to two individual ones (3rd row) is a damn nuisance. Yes they tilt forward , but only so far and removing them if you need a decent boot is a pain because they are very heavy. Bad move in my opinion.


26/11/09..........Mileage now 35700. Sailed through its first MOT in July with just an advise on front brake pads getting a bit low so had them replaced with no problems . Drives like a dream , Auto gearbox to me is a must have , being great on longer journeys  and fuel consumption amazingly good at 40mpg . Just one big surprise last week when the Starter motor failed , an expensive piece of kit I feel at just under £400 fitted , and of course the manufacturers warranty had expired in July.  I've put this down to bad luck really as the last Sedona had done 90,000 when I sold it and never had this fault.   Brilliant vehicle , but I still hate that 3rd row individual seat arrangement when you need boot space , BUT ...if you need to carry big items just take out all four rear seats and you've got Van sized carrying capacity.         Dave

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