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We have all seen them listed and sold to some unsuspecting customer, think of the words used, FOUND IN THE LOFT , DONT KNOW NOTHING ABOUT STAMPS, but has numerous feedbacks and often specify certain SG numbers, not bad for someone that knows nothing about stamps, must have a catalogue as the price of the item is normally mentioned. In respect of Kiloware beware, no stamp collector i have ever known would let a box of stamps go through his/hers hands without looking and taking the odd one out, this automatically means it has been sifted, looked at and the only gear you are going to get is what they dont want. I recently purchased £500 worth of Kiloware from a reputable seller who is known to a high percentage of stamp buyers and lives not that far from me, it came in the way of a old ROAYAL mAIL sACK WEIGHING IN AT 20KGS OFF PAPER, Lots of work for the cold winter nights i thought but NO WAY, first inspection showed a very high percentage was Christmas stamps and a second look showed me that there was no values above 50p. Someone certainly had their work cut out for them when they sorted that lot out. I challenged this reputable dealer who didnt take too kindly what i told him to do with his so called unpicked stamps.

Kiloware is ideal for a cheap box or bag of stamps to sort though in order to get a collection going or to assist in looking for the odd stamp that you may not have.

Points to look for are :

Check to see if the seller has sold before similar items.

See if the sellers feedback shows that they are purchasing the item from these so called charities online.

See if the seller is selling the item as straight from a charity shop, unpicked etc and send a question to them using the message facilities on ebay, reluctance in a response will confirm your suspicions.

Check sellers feedbacks and cross refer the items in order to verify that they have good feedback, disgruntled buyers will generally leave appropriate feedback.

Check scanned picture carefully and challeged seller if this is the article they are selling as most sellers sell items without either a picture or place a picture and state in the auction SIMILAR to the image.

Be prepared for a box of off shoots and multiple stamps of the same. If you ask the right questions you may receive a nice item if purchased if you dont then expect to get what you get. Ebay is a wonderful thing and you can enjoy the experience, dont let the scams out there deter you from enjoying the experience 24 hrs a day. Have fun collecting and i hope this review has been of some use.

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