Karaoke Machine Buying Guide

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Karaoke Machine Buying Guide

Karaoke machines are a must have item for parties, events, or celebrations. Karaoke gets everyone involved and on their feet, and it does not matter whether party guests are great singers or not, everyone can have a fun time doing karaoke to their favourite songs. Whether it’s a small gathering with a group of friends, or a teenager’s birthday party, a karaoke machine always adds something to the fun.

A karaoke machine can provide years of enjoyment in many situations, so investing in one is a good idea for consumers that enjoy the level of fun that a karaoke machine brings to any gathering. Liven up a dull party and get party guests on their feet with a karaoke machine. Bring fun and laughter to a quiet family night at home, or amplify the level of fun at any party or gathering. Karaoke machines come in a variety of styles, prices, and with various features, so selecting the right one is really a personal choice depending on what the consumer’s needs are.

What to Consider Before Buying a Karaoke Machine

There are a couple of factors the buyer should consider when looking for the perfect karaoke machine. Karaoke machines come in different sizes, and some are quite large, roughly the same size as a traditional stereo system. Some buyers may enjoy the added features of a larger machine, but some consumers may want a more compact style.

Price is also a factor, as more sophisticated karaoke machines are going to cost more than the simpler versions. If the machine will be used frequently, it may be worthwhile to invest in a nicer machine with more features.

Types of Karaoke Machines

Karaoke machines range from very simple to quite complex, and have a range of features that are exciting and fun. Wireless karaoke machines may provide the consumer with more range of motion while singing, and recordable machines can be fun so party guests can take home a souvenir of their performance. Base the search for a karaoke machine on what types of features are desired, and the price range the buyer wants to stick to.

Karaoke Machine with MP3 Dock

The newest type of karaoke machine will be a machine that supports MP3 music. This type of karaoke machine will have a docking port for an iPod, so consumers can use the music on their iPods to sing along to. The system can be connected to a television so the song lyrics appear on the screen for easy and fun karaoke.

Some of these can also play CD’s, and may or may not be wireless and have additional features like remote control. The MP3 dock may also be used to charge the iPod. Some iPod karaoke machine models actually allow the lyrics of the song to show up on the iPod screen itself. These are smaller for convenience, but the machine can also be plugged into the television for a more traditional karaoke style arrangement when viewing lyrics. It might be easier to take on the go, though, and a great alternative to using a television screen for karaoke lyrics. Some of these machines can accommodate several types of iPods as well as the iPhone.

Karaoke System/Built-In Screen

A larger karaoke system has the screen built in, and is generally the size of a traditional hi-fi or stereo system; some may even be taller, standing systems. This larger karaoke system is good for home or party use but may not be as portable as a smaller system. However, a larger karaoke system may have additional features such as a spot to accommodate CD’s as well as cassettes, and consumers can also record tracks. Larger, more deluxe karaoke systems may also offer more controls, more advanced speakers, a remote control, and even voice and balance controls for optimum sound quality.

Some newer karaoke machines offer CD-RW as well as DVD-R compatibility, which offer the consumer even more flexibility in terms of what music can be played on the machine. A nice machine may even offer MP3 playability as well, for a stellar karaoke machine experience for the serious consumer. For added fun, the consumer can purchase a light system karaoke machine too, which can be perfect for parties.

Karaoke DVD/CD Machine

Another type of compact karaoke machine is the DVD karaoke machine. This is a bit more upscale in terms of the electronic components, and offers the user wireless microphones and a slim, sleek device that can play DVD’s, CD’s, MP3’s, and it can record to DVD’s or CD’s. No cassettes will be needed to record on this type of state of the art karaoke machine. It looks like a DVD player, so it can fit right in to any home entertainment system easily, and there are tons of great functions such as an equaliser, options to stop at the end of a song or keep going, and dual screen displays.

These are a great option for users that will get a lot of fun out of their karaoke machines and use them frequently, because it’s easy to use and offers so much flexibility to the buyer. It does not take up much space, and it’s fully loaded with so many features that enhance the karaoke experience. Vocal Star and Dirty Dancing are two types of these karaoke machines that are popular.

Karaoke Computer Software

Instead of purchasing an entire karaoke machine system, buy karaoke software that can turn any computer or laptop into a karaoke machine. The software can be installed on a computer and the monitor will display the lyrics. These will not be as functional as a karaoke machine, and there may be limited songs that are offered, but it’s an inexpensive option that does not require a lot of space or additional equipment, if a karaoke machine is needed and there’s not a large budget involved. Software compatibility may also be limited, so the consumer should check before buying to ensure the karaoke software will work on his particular operating system and computer. Some karaoke software may have additional features such as voice controls and font choices for the lyrics display. The microphone can be plugged into a USB port on the computer itself.

Kids’ Karaoke Machines

Karaoke machines for kids are generally simple and have a corded microphone. They may offer options to play cassettes and CD’s, or either, and come in bright colours, whereas most karaoke machines only come in black or silver shades. Some kids’ karaoke machines nowadays come with a port for an MP3 player as well, which makes them more versatile and fun for kids that enjoy digital music.

Some kids’ karaoke machines may come with a small monitor built in, and some can also be plugged directly into the television to see song lyrics displayed on the screen. There are some types of kids’ karaoke machines that come with blinking disco lights, as well.

How to Buy a Karaoke Machine on eBay

When you’re looking for a karaoke machine on eBay to fit your needs, do a general search for karaoke machine. A lot of different options will come up, and you can scroll through them to get an idea of what features you’d like in a karaoke machine, unless you’re looking for something specific, such as a Goodmans karaoke machine. Check to make sure all the necessary equipment comes with the machine, such as any auxiliary cords, and only buy karaoke machines from merchants that are Top-Rated Sellers on eBay.

See if the seller can bundle any additional items with the machine for a discounted rate, such as extra CD’s or recordable DVD’s. A local seller may let you do a personalised pick up and get your karaoke machine in person, without having to pay shipping fees at all. Get a great karaoke machine and make your next party a blast without paying ridiculous prices on eBay.


A party just is not a party without a karaoke machine. Bring the level of fun up a notch and any gathering, whether it’s an office Christmas party, a dance for teenagers, or a child’s birthday party. People that are normally shy may come out of their shells because it’s hard to resist singing along to favourite songs. Purchase two microphones so friends and family can join each other for duets, and record hilarious CD’s to give to party guests as a souvenir they’ll never forget. There are so many things that can be done to have fun with a karaoke machine; it’s a sure way to get party guests involved and having fun even at the most dull party.

Karaoke is a great way for budding singers to rehearse, so karaoke machines are also a good purchase for consumers that are interesting in singing as a hobby or career and need to practise along to music. They are simple and fun to use, a great way to do vocal warm ups, practise songs, or simply enjoy the fun of singing a song that’s loved. Karaoke machines are a blast for consumers of all ages, and there are no limits on the fun that can be had with one of these machines.

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