Keep your washing machine clean.

Like if this guide is helpful

Fed up of having a stinky washing machine, yeah me too.

I'm not going to say this is one of the most exciting guides you will ever read but I'm hoping and I'm sure ill help someone. (well at least I hope it does)

No doubt i'm not the only one in the world, that after a while suffers from a smelly washing machine. Well after trying everyone else's method I now have my own to share with you all.

And it couldn't be any more simple.. all you need is Daz (powder, I'm not sure if there is a liquid one too) stain remover (powder doesn't matter if its a cheap one) and a all in one liquid tab (I use Asda).

Do every wash with these 3, with the stain remover I mix a little with the Daz.

I have found that if your brave enough it helps when washing colours and whites together, but I would still suggest NOT to washing red in with the mix.

And there you have it one smell free washing machine, plus ultra clean fresh smelling washing.

Below are a couple of Ebay links to a few items.

Hope this helps :)

I'm not saying this will hep everyone but it has helped me.

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