Keeping Fish - What do do if they are gulping

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Keeping fish is a fun and enjoyable thing, but I would add a word of caution about fish tanks.  Certainly those with lids on might not be the best solution for your fish.

We have a bi-ord self contained and with a lid, and recently noticed our family of piranah looking unhappy and gulping, basically there was insufficent air in the tank for them,

Easy to rectify if you catch it soon enough, take the plastic upright pipe out of your tank and using a saw (carefully) cut it down to approx 2 inches high.  The position a rock or in the case of Piranah who like brackish water drift wood over the end, this will spread the bubbles around the tank,  drop the water level to approx 4 inches beneath the top of the tank to create a greater surface space of water, and finally leave the lid of the tank off,  keep your fish quiet and calm for a few days and feed them bloodworm (if they are piranah) and daphne if they are tropical and within 3 days you should see a marked improvement on how they are.

If you have a larger tank it is worth considering another airline into the tank with a filter on - which will get as much oxygen into the tank as possible

Good luck with your fish
Suz xx
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