Keeping important things safe.

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Have you ever lost your car keys? Misplaced the right shoe of a new pair of  black leather uppers; they were in the sale but thats not the point. Left a sweater in a friends car? Tripped and not checked around you to see if anything had fallen to the floor, only to find you'd lost your purse and a new set of hairclips. Would you like help, to keep important things safe and safe things important? I have compiled a list of 5 things that can help you remember not to mispalce anything EVER again. Read Here☻Ebay users.

1.Never trust anyone with hair shorter than yours. If they offer to hold your football; while you go down to tie your sons shoes, they will (9 times out of 10) kick the ball away/at you/push you to the ground and run. If this happened you'd have to leave the park/football epicentre/beach/place you were playing football... You have to ask, is it worth it? Of course the answer is; sometimes. One mans loss is anothers gain, and if he had two sons but you only had one, who is making better use of the football? This percpective makes it fell like less of a loss and like more of a change (whether it be positive or negative).

2.Use your brain. When handling objects you hold dear as well as when dealing with the importances of life, use your brain to record where you have placed things. Maybe chant to yourself the objects location or write it in the little notebook you are going to start keeping in the breast pocket of your new pleated shirt. Either way, make sure your brain recognises the significances of those important actions.

3.Don't leave the house. You are almost guaranteed to never lose a thing as you slowly become more aware as to the location of the important (and unimportant) objects and treasures within your home. This way of living once frowned upon as a life experience is slowly becoming the norm for many hibernating human animals as the advent of technology single handedly makes our lifes both easier and harder. This is a real show of intelliegence and keeping those sentimentalities safe is a much easier task if you were to keep a log book of each singular movement of possessions and neccessaries, also if everyone forgets that you are alive it is easier to keep things safe_cut out all communication and understanding with and of the outside world. Think about investing in paper and pen to achieve a brighter future (in terms of looking good by not losing anything).

4.Sew up that hole in the left pocket of your old jeans you choose to still wear. Thats a money saver.

5.Get necklaces, chains, bracelets etc. Connect all valuable posessions to said necklaces, chains, bracelets etc. How can you lose them when they are touching you?

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