Keeping your Office Clean, Hygenic Environment Design

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Pen2paper stock many brands and specifications of desktop supplies including Fellowes  Specifically designed to keep your workplace clean and hygenic

Keep Your Workspace Clean with Pen2Paper

Today, Americans spend more and more time at desks-both at work and at home. Dirty desktops, including unclean computers, could lead to ideal conditions for damaging microbes, such as bacteria, to grow and reproduce. Even more startling, under the right conditions, some microbes can duplicate every 20 minutes.

Think About what’s on Your Desk

Your desk is filled with items including:
·    Briefcase
·    Purse
·    Gym bag
·    Shopping bags

These items have been all over the place:
·    Streets
·    Restroom
·    Floors
·    Bus or train
·    Locker room
·    Airport
What does this mean? Your desk is dirty!

Clean Up the Office
Products that are frequently touched are a natural place for microbes to flourish. Since the average person does not clean his workspace regularly, it's no wonder that desks can have 400 times more bacteria than toilet seats.
·    Computer mice and keyboards
·    Desktops
·    Copiers
·    Fax machines
·    Telephones
Experts agree that after touching these common areas, thorough hand washing is your best defence.

Fight Back Against Microbes
Beside thorough hand washing, there are other ways to keep your office cleaner.
1.    Encourage general office cleanliness.
2.    Keep your desk neat.
3.    If you eat at your desk, do so carefully and clean up afterwards.
4.    Use disinfectant products on your desktop, phone, computer monitor, keyboard and mouse.
5.    Consider using desktop products with Microban® antimicrobial product protection.

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