Kelly Rowland Ms. Kelly Deluxe Edition CD

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I purchased this CD when it was launch in May and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I’ve seen the CD advertised on telly and it sounded really groovy and jumping, something you could really let your hair down to and get into the groove.

I love all kinds of music, but being somewhere in my thirties (sorry, don't like to reveal my age) I am still terribly hooked on the rap, disco and club music and I don't think I will ever change.

To be honest, I wasn't very impressed with the new Kelly Rowland CD. To start with it sounded really good, the beat of the first song was impressive and I instantaneously assumed that this would sound rather good on my Harmon Kardon's. After the fourth track I was already bored stiff. I thought I purchased a love song CD, not that I have a problem with love songs as I love all kinds of music.

I am not a big fan of Kelly Rowlands, I do like some of her music and I think she has a good voice, but not brilliant. I thought I would give this CD a go anyway.

The music on the CD is good and for those who love Kelly Rowland, I'm sure they will be completely thrilled, but for those who don't know her music I would certainly suggest going to one of those music stores that allow you to listen to the Disc before purchasing it.

I didn't pay very much for the CD; no more than ten pounds including shipping, but it will certainly be left for dust in my CD cabinet. I might occasionally have a listen to it, but it won't be in the top twenty of my listening choice.

So, to summarise briefly, a great CD for Kelly Rowland fans, not the music I expected it to be, it should have been named "Kelly Rowland Ms. Kelly Deluxe Love Songs Edition CD". If you are not normally a fan, I would definitely suggest you borrow a friend's to listen to before buying your own, unless of course you don't mind wasting ten pounds to add to your collection.

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