Key Fob Reprogramming

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I thought that I would share my recent experiences with trying to get Peugeot Key Fobs reprogrammed to my car.

Having purchased a key fob from an eBay seller, I assumed that I would be able to reprogramme it following the instructions in the cars handbook. WRONG.

So I purchased and downloaded a set of instructions from and eBay seller having been led to believe that they contained some 'secret' information. WRONG AGAIN.

This information was identical to that freely and easily available on the internet.

I have just had the locks on my car changed by a Peugeot dealer who supplied one plip and one standard key. I asked them to recode either the original plip key I had that did work with the car or the plip I purchased from eBay. NEITHER COULD BE REPROGRAMMED BY AN AUTHORISED PEUGEOT DEALER.

The moral I suppose is be wary of eBay sellers telling you how easy it is to do at home and don't expect a second hand key that has been programmed to a car already to work with your car. If Peugeot can't reprogramme them, then how can an average eBayer?
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