Key Purchases for a d20 Modern Player

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There was a time when Wizards of the Coast (WotC) were looking to build a variety of tabletop gaming systems of the back of their highly successful acquisition of TSR's Dungeons and Dragons. The system is called d20 and is available for to use for free under licence from WotC as the System Reference Document or SRD.

WotC have used this system to create various gaming systems, for me the most notable being d20 Modern, which spawned a series of add-ons that enriched the base sourcebook.

The guide will take you through building up a collection of sourcebooks to both play and run d20 Modern games.
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Core Book

These core sourcebook is a must for playing d20 Modern.
  • d20 Modern Roleplaying Game: The game includes all the core mechanics, basic rules, character creation process, equipment, information for the Game Master and an introduction to some of the infinite variety of campaigns players' heroes can feature in, many of which are expanded upon in the supplements below.
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Recommended Supplements

These additional sourcebooks will enrich your game, but are not essential to play.
  • d20 Menace Manual: includes a much fuller bestiary than that included in d20 Modern Roleplaying Game as well as rules for creating your own monsters.
  • d20 Future: lets you take your d20 Modern campaigns into the near or distant future with additional rules around space, time and dimension travel, space ships, future tech, futuristic campaigns and so on
  • d20 Future Tech: a further expansion on d20 Future, Future Tech explores the myriad gadgets and gizmos a hero could acquire as time jumps ahead
  • d20 Cyberscape: explores how both a hero can enhance themselves with cybernetics and bionics, the future of the World Wide Web and robotics.
  • d20 Urban Arcana: brings Dungeons and Dragons to the modern era and expands upon both the Shadow Chaser and Urban Arcana campaigns detailed in the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game sourcebook.
  • d20 Past: takes the heros back in time, from the Renaissance to World War II.
  • d20 Dark Matter: want to channel your inner Moulder and still think it would be cool to investigate the X-Files, then this is for you.
  • d20 Apocalypse: think Mad Max and a whole host of other dystopias and this effectively encapsulates d20 Apocalypse
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Optional Supplements

These supplemental rule books will add to and enhance your game, but are very much a nice to have.
  • d20 Weapons Locker: aimed largely at the hoplophiles (gun lovers), this book is beautifully illustrated with every kind of modern and near future firearm you can think of, including their game stats.
  • d20 Critical Locations: great for game masters looking for inspiration and amazing cartography to use in their games.
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