Knitting Machine patterns

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Call it Punch lace or Thread lace - it is a shawl.
For Standard Knitting machines.
Using a cone of 4 ply & a cone of 2/30’s or thinner.
Approx T7 for 24 stitches & 32 rows + 4 inches.
Approx 52 inches square.
Knit 2 pieces the same.
Cast on 157 stitches in waste yarn.
Using main yarn, knit 2 rows,
Using main yarn, knit 1 lace row - or by hand transfer every alternate stitch  to the next stitch, leaving the empty needle in working position.
Knit, in pattern, to RC 400.
Repeat no. 2.
Knit 2 rows.
Cast off loosely.
Join two long edges to form centre seam.
For each tassel cut 8 strands of 4 ply approx 22 inches long. Attach them through every 3rd hole at the 2 edges and evenly through the lace edges on the other 2 edges.
When this is completed make a second row of knots approx 1 inch below the first knots.
Trim the tassel ends and press carefully. 

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