Knitting with PomPon Wool

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Rico Design's PomPon wool

Knitting a baby blanket with Rico Design's wool is just fab.

Cast on using the 2 finger method. 

To get the right size - If the blanket is to be 20" wide, cast on 40 "wide-apart" stitches with a contrasting or matching DK Yarn, then start using the Pompon wool from row 2.

Only using the yarn between the pom poms, knit 1 stitch at the start of Row 2, then miss a pom pom, then knit 2 stitches between each pom pom to the end of the row. Turn to Row 3 and then knit 1 from the yarn left from Row 2.  You should still have 40 stitches on Row 3 but they will be lined up on your needle as 1 stitch, 19 sets of 2 stitches and then 1 stitch.  This will ensure you have all your pom poms lined up once the blanket is fully knit.

Only knit with the yarn between the pom poms, always push the pom poms to one side and don't use them to knit with.

You can then cast off with the same DK yarn, and crochet a little edging around the blanket with the DK yarn once you are finished knitting.

Well done and Happy Knitting
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