Knive - There's no such thing in the English Dictionary

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As a keen collector of kitchen knives I am always on the lookout for a bargain cooks knife. However, many , many times I see listings for items such as "Knive Block" or "Knive Case", or even a "Chefs Knive". Can I once and for all just correct all these sellers? THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS "KNIVE". What is a knive? There is no such thing. What is a knive rack? Or a Chef's knive? They don’t exist.

KNIFE (with an "F") this is singular, referring to one knife, or perhaps a single object such as a block that may be used to hold several items. Nevertheless the item you are referring to is singular, hence you have...Knife Block, knife rack, knife case, or indeed just a single" knife".

If you are referring to more than one Knife, for example perhaps a set, then you would be selling a "Set of Knives". The S indicating pleural. 1 knife, 2 knives, a set of knives. 1 knife block, 2 knife blocks, 3 knife racks. Etc.

There is no such word as a knive (with a V). The word does not exist.

Please remember that people are typing in words to search for, so if your listing has a spelling error in the title, then you may be missing out on potential hits and more money. Your listing also looks unprofessional. Type your listing into Microsoft Word and run the spell checker before copying and pasting into your listing. If you do, you will note the word “knive” underlined in red; as it is not even in the English dictionary.
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