Know what Skateboard Trucks you need...

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truck height? eh?
Truck height affects how your board turns, how
it fl ips in the air and how much the whole thing
weighs. Usually the height is measured from the
bottom of the base plate to the centre of the axle.
If you’re running wheels above 56mm you’ll want
to look at higher trucks or using risers to give you
enough space to avoid nasty wheel bites.

LOW: Extra stability for fl ip tricks, designed for
small wheels (50-53mm wheels).

MID: Good all-around profi le for street or park
(53-56mm wheels).
HIGH: Great for cruising and carving, designed
for large wheels (56mm+ wheels).

more curve in your swerve?
How tight you have the kingpin nut on your trucks
affects how they turn. The tighter the nut the
stiffer the truck will be. Give it a tweak either way
and see how it feels. If you want to change the
turning character all together try replacing your
bushings, we’ve got loads available.

how wide?
You need to match the width of your deck and
trucks - if one or the other is too big or too small
your ride will feel unbalanced. Most truck brands
produce different width trucks. Check out the
sizes below.

Rollersnakes Trucks Size Guide
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