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Women's clothing

When buying clothing online you must pay special attention to the fabric type, images can be deceiving, Read any descriptions of the item to see what the item is made out of; whether it is synthetic or natural or has any embellishments will lead to different washing requirements. The fabric type may also tell you if the item is likely to be itchy; such as metallic fabrics. If the item doesn't have a very clear or detailed description . . ASK! You are the one who is potentially paying money for the item, so you should be happy with it, and not settling for something you are unsure about. So . . . read the description, look carefully at images and ASK questions!

Women's Accessories

Like clothing, you must pay special attention to the fabric type; natural/ synthetic. Many handbags are now made from synthetic leathers instead of natural leathers, this can be due to ethics or cost and this is fine but  . . the composition will change how you use and care for the item. A synthetic leather may show sighs of ware quickly from scratches or grazes from coming in contact with abrasive surfaces, where a natural leather may not show this type of ware as quickly. Despite this, the fabric type may be suited to certain weather conditions over others. A synthetic leather is plastic based, and so will fair well in showers. A treated natural leather will also remain fairly unaffected in showers; yet an untreated, natural leather may react to the moisture; the surface turning bubbly, and may lead to long term damage, such as drying and cracking. As the natural leather will add to the cost of the item, compared to that of a synthetic leather item, the seller will most likely advertise the fact that it is real, natural leather and so this will help in your decision making. If the seller is unclear, or you are not sure . . ASK! Ask to see the care label! Be clear on what you are buying; don't pay for something you believe to find to be real leather, and end up with something that isn't!

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