Knowledge about Beads

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Knowlege about beads

by Hong(Lisa) of 8Season

Referring to dictionary, the definition of a bead is a small, round material which is pierced to string and threading. Actually the beads are varied in materials and crafts. The following types of beads may help you to know more about the beads.


Crystal was first discovered by a Briton in 1676. Basically silica is the most important elements of crystal. As the containing of minute metal, creates colorful crystals. It shows more colors, including red, yellow, purple, black and the like. The crystal needs rich underground water sources, so its growth environment was primarily in underground and caves. Given pressure, proper temperature and with appropriate time, a crystal will form in accordance with the natural law.

Now there is several usage of crystal in technology fields which we are not familiar with. For instance, focus function, storing data in computer, transferring message, transforming energy and so on. And the most important the beauty of crystal made it valuable for ornaments and decorative objects. There are some versions for the crystal effectiveness. Different crystals are associated with the constellations or Chinese zodiac. The Amethyst can help you to develop intelligence calm emotion. It also gives people the courage and strength, enhance the relationships. In western countries it stands for chastity and honesty. And different kinds of crystals have different meanings.



Pearl is ancient organic gemstones. According to the component it can be divided into natural pearls and cultured pearls. The natural pearl refers to the pearl which formed in shellfish and mollusk, the forming is interesting and occasionally. When a microscopic intruder or parasite enters in a mollusk, this make the mollusk feel uncomfortable and irritated, then the mollusk dissolve out calcium carbonate and other objects. After many times of this endocrine process, eventually form a pearl.

By comparison, cultured pearls are being made by human. The pearl farmers insert a certain kind of objects into mollusk or oyster. They can induce the creation and the next steps are the same as nature process of a pearl. This specific technology was discovered by Japanese. Actually the process of cultured pearls allows mass production and creates the shapes of pearls to be round and flawless. Nature and cultured pearls are different in the inner nucleus which can be distinguished through the use of X-rays. In reality 99% of the pearls sold in the world market are cultured pearls.


Spread enamels on the metal surface and then under high temperature, consolidate the two things together. In reality, the enamel is the compound of a certain metal and an inorganic material. It commonly uses steel, iron, aluminum, copper and silver as the clay body. The outer enamel plays a role in protection and decoration. The production process of enamel has a long history and it was thrived in Ming Qing dynasty in China. You would think that the enamel jewelry is out-dated. Just the contrary, it is said to be “new wine in old bottle” and is more attractive in these days.

There are many styling and patterns in the enamel category. From the cupid arrow charms to the silver owl charms, you will notice its brilliant and rich colors. Dazzling and splendorous should be the main character of the summer jewelry. With the help of enamel ornaments, I hope you will enjoy your life in this summer.



Jade is a precious mineral, it stands for purity, goodliness and noble. In the long history of Chinese traditional culture, jade always has its own special meaning compared with the gold and diamond. In the ancient times jade has been made into many animal or other sorts of patterns, meanwhile they indicate different morals like longevity, love, blessing, safety, affluence and so on. It also involved in many people’s name.

The jade include various classes. In the second half of 19th century, a France mineralogist divided it into jadeite which is pronounced in Yingyu and nephrite which is pronounced Ruanyu in china. Jade was found not only in Khotan the western Chinese province of xinjiang but also from the other parts of china like hetian in Shaanxi. Jadeite is also called true jade owing to its healing function for human stomach and kidney. Now choose the jade to make your personal adornment such as rings, necklace, pendants, and bracelets. Show your charisma. The decoration along with the healing function seems to be an ideal choice of killing two birds with one stone. 



Cloisonné is an ancient metalworking technique. It is originated in Beijing during the Yuan dynasty and prevailed in Ming dynasty of Ringtail period. Until the Sing dynasty, the cloisonné has reached its summit. The procedure of cloisonné is complicated and sophisticated, it includes Model hammering, Filigree welding, Enamel filling, Surface polishing, Gliding and so on. There are ten steps of process at least.

This technique has been put to use in vessel, lamps &lanterns, furnishing and jewelry. Recently some costume design even adopts this traditional technique. It has been an emblem of brand and fashion. It also represents the Chinese culture and fascination. As the approaching of Olympic Games, wearing cloisonné jewelry will be unique scenery. Everyone will be attracted by these vivid colorful and finely designed cloisonné beads.


Turquoise is a kind of semi-precious gemstone. It is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral. The color of turquoise is no other than its chemical composition's action. The blue color is attributed to copper, while the green color is caused by iron or chromium. Besides the natural turquoise there is also a kind of chalk turquoise, it is almost the same as the natural ones except its white color. To make the turquoise looks more beautiful, it has been added some kind of epoxy resin to change its hardness and dyed the resin to deepen the color of turquoise.

Turquoise is rare and valuable in the world region for its non-renewable. The English name of turquoise comes from a France word meaning Turkey. That’s because the turquoise was first introduced to European from Persia by way of Turkey. Along with the development of geology, the turquoise was found widely distributed in the globe. Such as Iran, Chile, Egypt, United states, China and so on. In China Turquoise’s mainly locality is in Huber province and Tibet.

This phosphate mineral has been used in ornaments and jewelry since ancient times for its brilliant sky blue. In Sang dynasty people wore turquoise jewelry around the neck or on the hand as an amulet to ward off bad and evil powers.  For its decrease deposits, some families pass it on to later generation as a hereditary. In Persia it is widely used in medicine. It also been regarded as December birthstone standing for lucky and success in the world. All in all, turquoise is a multifunction stone. It will make you feel happy and relaxed owing to its special hue.


Rhinestone is an imitation gem made from paste or glass, and often with diamond-like sparkling facets. The “Rhine” of the word rhinestone refers to the Rhine River which is well-known and significant in Europe. Originally the rhinestone is a kind of nature transparent quartz discovered in or near the Rhine River. Then people found that this stone can be used to imitate gems, thus the name rhinestone was applied to the artificial gems.

The biggest advantage of the rhinestone is its economical and dazzling effect like a diamond. It is precisely its visual effect that the rhinestone has a wide range of uses in the jewelry like the earring, bracelets, rings, necklace and so forth. Their glitter and glitz also made them popular in some competition costume. All of them have good quality and elegant design. The rhinestones can increase the fashion element to your jewelry. If you haven’t use such beads. This will be a good chance. Hope you will love the sparkle it provides to your design. 


Semi-precious gemstone

Maybe you are not familiar with the semi-precious gemstone, or have bias or misunderstanding of it. Gemstones are rocks and minerals explored from the earth. The gemstones can be classified into various types according to the chemical composition, crystal structure, specific gravity and durability. The gems can be separated into two parts of precious and semi-precious stones on average.  Actually the distinction between gemstones and semi-precious gems are not obviously nowadays. Semi-precious gemstones do not lack charm and beauty compared with precious gems. It is not expensive as the precious gemstone for its great quantities in the nature. In fact most of them have the same color and luster as the precious, and also attractive to humans.

Red coral

Coral is a kind of coelenterate; they fix on ancestors’ relics since they are very little. Most of them feed on net plankton and then excrete calcareous. The coral has many species and the red one is a typical coral. Red coral is an organic material gemstone. It grows in warm water at the depth between 200 meters and 2000 meters. 90% of its composition is calcareous. The red color is caused by the absorbing of iron oxide in the seawater during its process of growth.

The two famous localities of red coral are the sea area from Japan to Taiwan and the Mediterranean seashore. At present 80% of the high-grade red coral are produced from Taiwan. The coral has a timeless appeal for its healing power. It can promote blood flowing and improve eyesight. And it is also the symbol of lucky and wealth. Red coral jewelry can beauty the appearance and maintain the skin. Especially in summer it should be the ladies superb choice. How can you resist a red coral jewelry holding so many advantages? Create a red coral adornment for your summer jewelry.


Acrylic, commonly known as organic glass, is a practical and clear plastic that looks like glass. Acrylic is used to make various kinds of instruments in architecture, medicine, advertisements, transportation, industry as well as lighting. With the development of technology, acrylic becomes the second best material to create sanitary ware after ceramic.

Its special properties

1. excellent transparency: colorless and clear, the transmission rate is more than 92%

2. Anti-aging abilities: even if prolonged exposed in sunlight and wind and rain will not change its appearance.

3. Non-toxic: it is harmless to human body

4. Processing characteristics: easy-heating and can be molded in different shapes. Therefore it has wide variety and rich colors

For its special properties it is widely used in jewelry like acrylic beads. These beads combine the advantages of eye-catching beauty and affordable prices. Owing to its physical characteristic it is lighter than glass and makes the jewelry making much easier.


The pottery is fired by pottery clay, the porcelain by the corresponding clay. While ceramic is t of pottery and porcelain. It is made of silicon dioxide and fired in accordance with special requirements to different shapes and colors. After heating at a certain temperature by the physical and chemical process, a piece of ceramic article will take on in front of you. In fact the process flow was far from above-mentioned. It includes the ingredients of raw materials, molding, drying, roasting and a range of manufacture process.

The applications of ceramics are widely in the industry, art, and some high-tech fields. Recently it appeared as ceramic beads in the field of jewelry. The ceramic beads are also known as the oriental beads because the ceramic are always the symbol of China since ancient times. You will be attracted by their novel and unique design, wide variety, as well as magnificent colors. This can satisfy the people of different personality. In addition its manufacturing process causes it environmental and healthy. It will be fashion to wear a ceramic jewelry which derived from the 29th Olympic host country.


Metal beads

Metal beads are made out of metal. Usually the zinc alloy and tin alloy are used in our metal beads plating with gold or silver.  Owing to its physical property, the metal beads and metal spacer beads add a striking visual accent to the beaded jewelry. Metal beads can also match with the glass beads for a great look. All in all, the application of these strong and versatile metal beads will make your ornaments attractive.

Magnetic Hematite

The hematite beads are originated in tropical jungle of southern Brazil. It is made of iron oxide, which is a natural mineral. The magnetic hematite colored from dark grey to black and also available in a wide variety of shapes. It has metallic luster which symbolized calm and personality. Hematite is also known as a brave stone owing to its stubborn rays help people to deal with things orderly and firmly. This stone involves in magnetic by nature, so the jewelry made by magnetic hematite beads have a magnet therapy.

It is said that long-term wearing magnetic hematite jewelry has significant effect in digestive system, nervous system, particular the blood circulation system. The series of magnetic hematite jewelry pieces, such as bracelets, necklace, and anklets wearing in different parts plays their respective roles. Take the case of magnetic hematite bracelet; it can help to relieve pain from hands, wrists and fingers. As a drug-free and effective way to eliminating the pain, I hope this can arouse your attention.

Note: this product is not fit for everyone. You should not wear the magnetic hematite jewelry if you are pregnant nor have pacemakers. While don’t be disappointed, we also offered hematite jewelry without magnetic.


Evil eye beads

The evil eye beads are commonly in Turkey as an amulet to ward off the evil eyes. Referring to the evil eye, it is an ancient   mythology that the evil one envied the fortunate people and cast a spell on because of their material possessions, beauty, health and the like. In order to driving out these curses and evil spirits, the artisans created glass evil eyes. The stared eye looks as if to say “I see you and know your trick”.

Though this is just a belief, the evil eye beads are popularly adorned in necklace, bracelets and anklets. The evil eye bead is made of blown glass and the common patterns are the consisting of blue and white concentric circles. While it appeared in various colors, shapes and sizes at present. Pick the evil eye bead charms to protect against the evil.
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