Kobo Glo Vs. Amazon Paperwhite

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Buying tablet computing devices is often a challenge. There are so many designs to consider and each offering has its unique differences. The Kobo and Amazon are solid performers for commuters and IT workers alike. The Kobo shines with its ample storage capacity, whereas the Amazon doesn't fail to impress.
Kobo Glo Amazon Paperwhite
Features Kobo Glo Amazon Paperwhite
Height 11.4 cm (4.5") 17 cm (6.7")
Processor Speed 1 GHz Not Specified
Weight 0.2 kg (0.4 lb.) 0.2 kg (0.49 lb.);0.2 kg (0.46 lb.)
MPN N613-KBO-B Not Specified
Exterior Color White;Black Black
Display Tech XGA Paperwhite Built-in light
Width 15.7 cm (6.2") 11.7 cm (4.6")
Carrier Not Applicable Not Specified;Not Applicable
Display Size 6in (15.24 cm) 6in (15.24 cm)
Depth 1 cm (0.39") 0.9 cm (0.36")
Display Max Resolution 1024 x 768 Not Specified
Family Line Not Specified Kindle
Touch Screen Technology Not Specified Multi-Touch

Kobo Glo

The Kobo has a 1 GHz processor speed, allowing you to run powerful applications easily. Also, its 32 GB storage capacity helps you store your favourite tunes and video games. Keep viewing intently without getting tired thanks to the Kobo's 6-inch screen size. Moreover, it sports a 1024 x 758 pixel screen resolution, so you can focus on clear images.

Amazon Paperwhite

The Amazon has a 2 GB storage capacity, allowing you to save your favourite applications and song titles. Also, its 6-inch screen size lets you see larger-than-life images.

Comparing the Kobo Glo Vs Amazon Paperwhite

Overall, the Kobo comes out ahead. The Kobo features a larger available storage capacity, so you can keep a lot more applications and games. Moreover, its 18% lighter weight helps you carry it around with less effort. On the other hand, the Amazon matches up with a large screen size.

Buying On eBay

eBay is the place to purchase Kobo tablet computing devices in addition to Amazon tablet computing devices because you can browse multiple candidate listings or compare seller ratings. Shop with confidence by looking for top-rated sellers on eBay who are known for shipping products promptly, providing helpful information, and satisfying their customers. With the help of free shipping, there's no need to second guess.
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