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I want to inform everyone of a recent transaction i did with another buyer.

I purchased a Mitsubishi Warrior truck worth around £10k mark, The seller i purchased it from was selling it for £6000 

His advert actually stated 6500 or offer me 6000 but wont take any lower.

this stood out to me as quite suspious as

1. Its far to cheap even at 6500 let alone 6000.

I contacted the seller via phone and was told it was excelent truck just a few minor scuffs, He wanted deposit, so i agreed that was ok, He was very pushy about me doing it through bank transfer, I said i will only pay via paypal only as i know i havefraud  insurance. He grumbled and moaned about the fees paypal charge (as we all know fees on a £50 transaction is next to nothing). So anyway he told me i was dealing with a proper dealership in northhampton and that they had a ferarri, he gave website address and everything.

after paying deposit i tried to arrange to collect straight away, but his phone was now switched off for over a day, I then got a message through ebay to contact his mate as he was going to do the deal instead, So being in this postion i called the guy, and for a week from that day i had no end of excuses ,

1.couldnt find log book / 2. car wasnt ready for collection //3.needed vallet as wanted to present to me in good condition ect.

So i ended up leaving this person a message saying deals off and expect paypal dispute, 10mins later i get a call saying ready for collection and was very sorry for messing me around.,

so i took it on and decided to drive to northhampton from oxford, Got there at the dealership to be spoken to quite rudly stating they have nothing to do with this person, that they know who he was though, Boss comes out to the carpark and actually calls the guy (had his number!!), turns out my friend notices a car at the dealership which was (sold by my seller to another buyer???-). We highly susspect its a car ring scam and they are all working in on it together. (making there feedback look good having an expensive sale on it)

at the end of the day to cut things short IT IS A SIMPLE AND I STATE A VERY SIMPLE! DEPOSIT SCAM (NOT ILLEGAL EITHER). they simply fob you off after you have paid the deposit until you give up trying , Making them in the right to keep your deposit money!!.



Also allways remember to run a HPI check on the vehicle your about to buy, I nearly lost £8000 from another person as they did not tell me the truck had finance on!!.



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