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Hi, I don't want to preach the obvious to people who know but people who are unsure this may be useful.

I thought too of picking up bargain polo shirts from ebay (new that is- dont get me wrong second hand ones maybe ok).I checked feedback and great-bought with confidence.The thing is having paid £28, for a patterned shirt I thought it was ok.The packaging was Lacoste, the crocodile was legit ( ie stitching on inside and not a cluster of sewn on fabric! also the size and location was correct), designed in france made in Peru just like my originals.Having worn once the eyelets for the buttons were not slots but now a messy stretched hole!This would not happen with legit lacoste.

Also when the tag says large etc beware-it should say the size ie/ 6.

I will never buy lacoste from ebay again as you don't know what the heck your buying.Pay £28 direct from a reputable internet supplier for a plain polo shirt-its worth it to know your not ripped.There are so many chinese etc imports for every brand and thats why so many are on Ebay.

All the best John

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