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Many articles have been written over the years about land rover fuel regulators and there is much talk on the forums about them, why is my regulator leaking? how do i change it? is there a cheaper fix than a new unit? etc.
The job of the regulator is to maintain the fuel at a preset pressure in the cylinder head ready for the injectors to supply the cylinder when instructed by the ecu, if the fuel pressure from the pump exceeds the regulators preset pressure it returns the excess to the fuel tank.
In attempting to find the answer too the last question "is there a cheaper fix than a new unit" a number of people have gone searching for comparable items, armed with pressure readings they have taken or searched out.
The biggest problem is that the majority of the information available is written by people making 2 basic mistakes, taking pressure readings incorrectly, and taking readings  from the wrong place. This misinformation is then passed around the web via forums etc until it is taken as gospel.
There are a number of regulators that will fit into the TD5 engine, however the ecu is programmed to assume the fuel is at a predetermined pressure in the cylinder head when instructing the injector too supply fuel into a cylinder. If a regulator of a differing pressure is fitted too the vehicle then the cylinder will be supplied with the incorrect amount of fuel relative to the demand, possibly resulting in excessive fuel consumption, a loss of power and even engine damage.
Car Part Solutions UK were the first to offer a regulator rebuild kit on ebay and our regulators are made exclusively for us to oe spec.
Cheaper alternatives are available, you may have seen them, however an ecu remap will be required if using a regulator of non oe spec to ensure correct operation, unfortunatly an ecu remap will cost far more than the few pounds you thought you'd saved.
Just recently we were asked by a customer to investigate poor ruunning and a shortage of power in his Discovery Td5, this had occurred since the fitment of a regulator rebuild kit purchased from one of our ebay competitors, the regulator fell way below spec and was starving the engine of fuel.
If you do currently need to purchase a regulator then i hope the above information is helpful, and allows you to make an informed purchasing decision whoever you decide to place your order with.

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