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Question . Is everything that is stamped with 18K and Sold as Solid 18ct Gold the real deal!!!!!!! .
Answer .NOT in the case of items sold by EBay Seller lanna-treasure .
I ( like many other people ) purchased what was advertised as a Solid 18ct Gold and Natural Gem Stone Dragon Ring from the above Ebay Seller lanna-treasure  alias (  Eddie N  Khampho ) EMail /Paypal .He operates out of Thailand ( although damages its reputation) as many of the items He has sold as 18 K Solid Gold and Gem Stones are nothing but Plated base Metal and Glass Stones that are stamped 18K .How does He get away with it !!!!!!!!! .Well He is very clever !!!!!He sold a few items that were the Real Deal obtaining Good Feedback and then using this He started to produce FAKE ITEMS ( 18k Plated Gold with Glass Stones Stamped as 18K ) as He assumed and correctly so that most people would NOT have their Rings Tested if they were stamped , but as an added precaution /deception made PART OF THE SHANK in Real Solid 18K Gold .You will notice that He has NOT traded as lanna-treasure since I rumbled His Scam at the begining of the year and have since had feedback from other people now that they have Tested their Jewelery .How to spot the fakes .Take your items to a Jewelers and get them Tested ( most use acid ) have the Rings tested halfway up the shank and on the mounting ( inside/underside of the ring so as not to spoil the appearence ) but always ask your Jewelers advice first .
How do I know what I am saying is TRUE !!!!Well not only do I have feedback from other buyers who have been deceived but also Eddie had the cheek to send me an Email confirming what He had done and said He would Refund me but never did .Paypal and Ebay were not interested  as by the time I found out it was past the deadline for a complaint .Take Care NOT to BE DECEIVED by this ROUGE TRADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
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