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When purchasing a Laptop from eBay, ensure the picture or the sales text indicates to you that the keyboard is a UK one.

Look for the pound sign £ in the 3 key and that the 4 key has the € symbol in it.

Ask or look for text which states it comes with a UK power supply with a 3 pin UK Mains plug.
Some sellers supply a 2 pin plug and an adaptor.
You really don't want to have to carry around a Mains adaptor all the time to plug the power supply into your socket.

The laptop and power supply must have the CE mark on them both as this is a mark of safety.
It's illegal and potentially dangerous to operate electrical devices in the UK home or office without this.

Non-UK computers may come with non-UK operating systems and you probably don't want to have to use an American language all the time.

Also foreign computers with Wi-Fi or internal telephone modems are likely not to operate well in the UK.  We use different frequencies and power levels to other countries.

Any computers that come with original CDs from Microsoft should come with a holographic sticker either on the computer or on a label. If not, it's probably a fake.

Lastly, ask them what their dead pixel policy is. All LCD screens have some dead pixels. The seller and you may have a difference of opinion of what makes a dead pixel annoying or acceptable. Get this sorted out before it comes from the other side of the world.

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