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If you experience paper mis-feeds the first thing to check on is the paper itself. If the paper has been in the inkjet printer for a considerable time without using the printer, I would suggest that you replace the paper. If you have recently bought cheap paper on special offer and the printer misfeeds again it could be the paper, not all 80gsm paper is the same. If it does misfeed  throw away the offending sheet as the pick up rollers could have made the surface of the paper shiny which would prevent it feeding through.
Also check the paper path for small objects or small bits of paper.Paper must be stored in a stable environment, it is not a good idea to store it in a cold or especially damp area.

Paper types

For Laser printers

Caution: Laser printers use a thermal process to fuse the laser printer toner onto the paper - So . . . .

Do not use paper designed for ink jet printers, inkjet glossy or matte paper, thermal fax paper, art paper, aluminium foil, carbon paper, bent, folded or creased paper, torn paper, slippery paper, perforated paper, acetate/ohp paper  that is designed for inkjet printers or rough papers

For Ink Jet printers

Although photocopy paper works perfectly well in ink jet printers it was not designed for these printers. Photocopy paper has a moisture content  so you will find that when you print large images or photographs the quality is poor. For regular text printing although it bleeds a little it is more than acceptable. If you want presentation documents the answer would be a quality coated paper designed for ink jet printers or for photographs a glossy or matte coated paper.
If you find the ink does not dry quickly enough I would suggest you have bought inferior paper rather than an ink problem. We at Computers Unlimited, supply Jettec paper which we would recommend. HP, Canon or Epson paper are also ideal although the cost is much higher.
Paper thickness can also play a part in quality. Most photocopy paper is 80gsm but a 100gsm paper would be recommended for a CV or similar. If you are printing photographs a thin glossy paper would be 140gsm a medium would be 180gsm and a quality thick paper would be 240gsm or more.


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