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Laser Printers - A Simple Beginner’s Guide

Owning and using a Laser printer has many benefits, they are generally much more economic to use and the printed page is permanent, as the laser printer toner is actually melted into the paper fibres so is therefore fully waterproof & will not fade over time unlike the printing obtained from many inkjet printers. Colour laser printers are also available that have all the benefits of the monochrome laser printers, and they print permanent full colour images.

The main components of a basic laser printer are:

The laser printer drum unit.

The laser printer toner cartridge.

The laser printer fuser unit.

When you send a document to the laser printer, the image is first tranferred to a rotating drum electrostatically. The drum receives a high voltage electrical charge in the shape of the image to be printed, this attracts the laser toner from the laser toner cartridge, to the laser printer drum unit. The electrical charge is such that it is in the exact shape of the text or picture that is to be printed - a very clever gadget!

The paper is then picked up & wrapped around the drum, which deposits the laser toner onto the paper as a perfect high resolution image. Laser toner is a plastic powder, so before the process is finished & you receive your printed page from the laser printer, the paper than passes through a heater unit or Fuser. The heat produced by the fuser melts the toner into the paper. That is why the pages are warm to the touch when they come out of the printer. Laser printers function in the same way as a photocopier.

Laser printers have to warm up first, so they initially seem slow, but when they start printing, the page output rate is very fast relative to inkjet printers.

The laser printer toner cartridge is a disposable item & can be easiliy replaced when empty. The main drum unit & fuser unit are also a replaceable item, but need infrequent attention during normal usage. It is worth checking on the prices of Laser printer toner cartridges on this website, as it will help you make a decision regarding the running costs and economy of use.

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