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A friend of mine has tried to sell a couple of mobile phoneswithout any success.  Why? because of the latest ebay scam which ebay seemed to be doing nothing about.  You place your item on ebay and auction goes through smoothly and somone wins the item.  The person appears to have good feeback but is listed as a private so you are unable to see their feedback comments or who they were from (probably all from the same person selling items for as low as possible to get the feedback nunbers up).  The winning bidder appears to be resident in any country bar Negeria.

Then suddenly, you get an email from ebay saying the auction has been withdrawn because the winning bidder claims to ebay that the account holder did not bid on the item, their account was used wiithout their consent.  So that auction was all for nothing, you do not even get the chance to offer the item tas a second chance buy to the second highest bidder.  It is all gone.  Then suddently you get a spoof ebay email saying there was a technical error and to proceed with the transaction.  Then you get another spoof email to say money has been paid into your paypal but the money will be held until a trcking number is supplied (the usual story). 

But what is anoying is these scammers are bidding as high as posible on items that they clearly have no interest in purchasing, their id looks real enough, but they get the auction cancelled to remove all trace of it.  I was not even aware you get an auction cancelled because someone else apparently used your accont (such as a son, or a brother etc).  Surely the account holder is responsible for their own security.  Ebay should also still enable the seller to give a second chance offer instead of pulling the auction completely as it becomes quite annoying when the phones you are selling get hit on 3 times in a row.

It has not happened to me yet, but I bet I am next.




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