LATTICE STITCH BABY SHAWL - standard knitting machine

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I wrote this baby pattern to be knitted on any simple ( without automatic patterning ) standard gauge single bed knitting machine. It is an ideal present or a way of making money with your knitting machine. Please read the pattern through so you understand it before starting to knit.

The shawl is too large to be photographed fully open. So I folded it into quarters.


  • Approx 300 grams ( 10 ounces ) of 2/30s High Bulk 1 ply Acrylic.  Using 210 grams ( 7 ounces  ) single strand  + using  90 grams ( 3 ounces)  fed threefold. 


  • Approx 105cms ( 42 inches ) square.
  • This can be made larger or smaller by increasing or decreasing the number of stitches on the frill. 


  • Approx 6


  • The shawl can be produced by using 4 ply acrylic instead of the 3 strands of 2/30s
  • I knitted the shawl in white, but looks lovely using a contrast colour in the thicker yarn.
  • Wind off 3 separate balls of the 2/30s and use these as if just one. Do not rewind them together on your wool winder. Your own machine should take and use them evenly.



Thread up 1 side of your branch tension arm unit with 1 strand of 2/30s, and the other side with the 3 strands ( or the 4ply ) FROM NOW ON I WILL REFER TO THE YARNS AS THIN YARN AND THICK YARN.

  • Using the thin yarn cast on 160 stitches ( closed edge method )
  • Main Tension dial to 6, knit 10 rows.
  • Change to the thick yarn and knit 2 rows.
  • Change to the thin yarn and knit 10 rows.
  • Using a single transfer tool,  hook up the stitches from the thick row, 10 stitches apart, and place them on the needles  0 - 10 -  20 - 30 -  40 - 50 - 60 - 70 - 80 both sides of  the centre 0.
  • Change to the thick yarn and knit 2 rows.
  • Change to the thin yarn and knit 10 rows. 
  • Now hook up the stitches from the next thick row, but put them on needles 5 - 15 - 25 - 35 - 45 - 55 - 65 - 75 both sides of centre 0.
  • CONTINUE in pattern 10 rows in thin, 2 rows in thick, hooking up after the thin rows first on the '10s' then on the '5s' to make your all over pattern.
  • Work in pattern until row counter reads 492 rows.
  • Using thin yarn only, still with main tension dial at 6,  knit 300 rows in plain stocking stitch.
  • Cast off.


  • Using the thin yarn, and the main tension dial at 6, cast on 40 stitches ( closed edge method ).
  • Knit 12 rows in the thin yarn.
  • Change to the thick yarn and knit 6 rows.
  • There is no hooking up on the frill, and the 18 rows form the pleated effect.
  • Knit 2600 rows in all.
  • Cast off.


Fold the shawl and stitch the sides together. The lattice pattern is the right side and the plain side of the stocking stitch is the backing.

Crochet a chain stitch ( easy to do as its only a chain stitch ) along the long edge of the frill to give a firm edge.

Sew the frill around the edges of the square gathering it evenly.

I do not iron or press these. A cool wash in washing machine and brief tumble dry and then stretch it out to finish drying.


Happy to help with any queries.  Kind regards Winifred Sheath

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