LCD televisions

Like if this guide is helpful

Having now bought several LCD televisons here are some helpful tips

Who to buy from ?

There are many trade dealers selling LCD televisions so make sure you check

1. is it new ,refurbished or a customer return ?

2. Is there a guarantee - some sellers do not accept returns so beware

3. look it up on a review site - some advertise the item as HD but you later find out it is not full HD

How much to pay - BEWARE !!

Some sellers have a website wherre you can buy them cheaper !!

I was recently looking for a 22 LCD and found one seller who sells several each day was actually getting higher prices on EBay tahn on their own website offering free delivery !


On the smaller sets 24" down check the overall diamensions of the front - some actually look smaller than you ecpect


Do you really want to record to a USB- often advertised as being the bees knees but not that practical

Socket for headphones can be used for speakers as can audio out as often sound quality is not the best

Remember you get what you pay for !!


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