LED Bulb Color Choose Guide

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This colour guide can be used to measure what type of light you may be interested when selecting your bulb. This is an accurate display of the effectiveness of the light. Majority of our bulbs including the GU10 range are available in two colours: Warm White and Cool White.

Day Light bulbs are very rarely used but every now and again we may have some of this type in stock.

What colour should I choose?

This really depends on what your going use the bulb for and where your going to use it. If your looking for something for the home then our most popular bulb is the GU10. Both the Cool White and Warm White colours are very popular.

The Cool White gives a clear, bright almost sharp effect that works really well in especially darkened rooms whereas the Warm White works really well in majority of rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom or living space.

Does the temperature make a difference?

The temperature of the bulb will only decide what colour the bulb actually is. Refer to the picture above for colour variants. The LED is an excellent piece of lighting technology and will not fade as time goes by. It will remain a constant light until its life span is surpassed.

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