LED Bulbs A Guide to Upgrading Your Home's Lighting

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'LED Bulbs A Guide to Upgrading Your Homes Lighting

The initial cost of LED light bulbs is slightly higher than other types of bulbs, but they have a long life and offer energy savings that make them a worthy investment. LED lights make your home look well lit, while feeling cosy. Before upgrading your light bulbs, learn more about where to place LED lights, and which models and styles are best suited to your home.

Choose Which Bulbs to Upgrade

Buying LED light bulbs involves an initial investment and creates a different lighting effect to traditional incandescent bulbs. This means that it is wise to select a few areas of the home to upgrade rather than replacing all of the bulbs at the same time. Start by replacing the bulbs that are switched on for the longest time and therefore use the highest amount of energy. This includes living room, dining room, and kitchen lights.


Choose the Right LED Bulbs

First, decide the wattage that you need to provide the desired level of light and then choose an equivalent LED bulb wattage. For example, a 45-watt incandescent light bulb can have the same output as a 3-watt LED bulb, depending on the bulb style. Another factor to consider is whether you prefer a warm or cool light; both are available for newer LED bulbs. Warm light is best for accenting elements of your interior design or lighting small areas and cool white is perfect for a kitchen or home office.


Common LED Bulb Styles

Bulbs have pin or screw bases that fit into LED light fittings, so select the correct base for track lighting or recessed lighting. Diffused bulbs feature clusters of LED lights with a dimpled lens to provide a wide area of illumination that is useful for any room. Dimmable globe LED bulbs are adjustable from 100 to 10 percent and have a 200 degree lighting angle. They only use 10 watts of energy, while producing the equivalent of 40 watts of light. Candle LED bulbs only use 3.5 watts of energy, while producing the equivalent of a 25 or 35 watt bulb. LED tube lights are ideal for a garage or workshop. LED bulbs help you to save energy and it is easy to find the perfect products for your home.

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