LED Bulbs - A guide to energy saving lighting for your home

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LED bulbs use around 80% less energy than standard halogen bulbs, have a great long lifespan and are now very affordable. Because they are more efficient the bulbs do not get nearly as hot as old halogen bulbs. The clear front of the lights is safe to touch even if it has been on for some time. This makes them perfect for desk lamps and other low level lighting in homes with children or pets. 

There are lots of reasons to switch to LED lighting across your home today. This guide will help you make sense of the different options and choose the right products for your home.
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Selection of colour temperatures

LED bulbs are available in a selection of different colour temperatures from 2700K to 6000K allowing you to choose the right colour light to suit your home. Most of our bulbs are either 3000K warm white or 6000K daylight white. The warm white bulbs give off a similar colour light to traditional halogen bulbs. The daylight white colour is cooler and closer to the colour of midday sunlight. 
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Energy saving

Because LED bulbs are much more efficient at converting electricity to light than traditional halogen bulbs a 6W LED bulb is roughly equivalent to a 60W halogen one. A small – medium size home with 10 light fittings each using a 60W bulb, on for an average of 7 hours a day will use 51p of electricity based on a standard unit price of 12.2p per kWh. 

A 6W LED bulb would use only one tenth of that so the cost for the same number of lights on for the same time is just 5.1p per day. Based on this rate of consumption the yearly cost for old halogen bulbs would be £186.15 where as lighting your home with new LED bulbs would cost only £18.62 for the whole year. That is a saving of £167.52 per year just by switching to LED bulbs across your home. 

Allcam’s range of affordable LED bulbs will start paying you back extra fast. For example a six pack of TCP 6W E27 Dimmable LED golf ball Bulbs costs only £18.98. This means you could have 10 bulbs for the scenario described above plus 2 spares for just £37.96. Based on the scenario above the bulbs will have paid you back in less than 3 months. These bulbs also have a 25,000 hour long life span. That would last nearly 10 years based on the 7 hours per day usage rate in the example so you know the Allcam LED bulbs will keep saving you money for years to come.  Take a closer look at the TCP bulbs on our eBay shop  here

The savings are even greater if you have more lighting in your home. Many homes now have spotlights in at least some rooms. A group of 6 x 50w spotlights in your kitchen and another 6 in the bathroom all use up tons of energy and cash. Switching to 5w LED equivalents there and elsewhere in your home will mean big savings. You can get a 6 pack of Allcam 5W GU10 spotlights for just £13.98 at our eBay shop  here

Not only are LED lights more eco friendly they also help save you cash! 
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Dimmable LED bulbs

Our new Allcam TCP range of dimmable bulbs are perfect for the home with dimmable lighting circuits. Using these new bulbs solves the problem of lighting circuits with dimmer switches designed for halogen bulbs not working with standard LED bulbs. Now you can enjoy both the benefits of your dimmer switch and LED lighting. You can take a look our range of dimmable bulbs at our eBay shop  here 

Fittings and bulb shapes

We have LED bulbs available for a selection of common light fittings and in different shapes. 

Spotlights – we have bulbs available for the most common GU10 fittings 
  • Our Allcam GU10 bulbs are 50mm in height - the standard for halogen bulbs in the UK, so they fit perfectly in most existing GU10 fixtures. Many other LED GU10 bulbs in the market are much taller. 
Screw – we have screw fit bulbs in E14 (14mm base diameter) and E27 (27mm base diameter) fittings
  • Our Allcam Star 4W E14 bulbs have a unique flat shape perfect for unusual shape light fitting.
  • The TCP 10W E27 Golf Ball bulbs measure 118mm (Height) x 60mm (diameter)-the standard size of golf ball lights in UK. Many other E27 LED bulbs are larger which make them unsuitable for fittings with small external enclosures.
Bayonet – we have bulbs available with the most common UK B22 (22mm base diameter) fitting.  Always check your light fittings to make sure you get the correct base fitting and also correct sized bulbs. We have many different options available so you get bulbs that match your fittings and are the right size and style. 

Where to find our products

We have 4W, 5W, 6W, 7W and 8W bulbs available to suit all applications. All our stock is located in the UK for quick dispatch with free UK delivery and express options available on all our bulbs. Take a look at our  eBay shop to see what we can offer. 

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