LED bulb, GU10, other? Poor quality.

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Some time ago I've bought 5 GU10 LED bulbs on eBay, they are not cheap comparing to standard halogen bulbs but keeping in mind that it supposed to save me a money and last "forever" I didn't hesitate too long.

It turn out though that the bulbs were bad quality ones. It lasted almost exactly 3 months for each bulb to decease! Half way trough some LEDs gone off, then more and then whole bulb died.

Obviously you want to try them, that's why you are reading this guide. My tips are, don't buy without some extended warranty, see the example of what you are not looking for:

"5. Shipping and insurance charges are not refundable.

7. Item not defective after testing or wrong item ordered by buyer will be returned at buyer’s expense."

I was offered new set of bulbs - but to get them again I needed to fork out another 6GBP for P&P. Well for goods faulty on arrival  it would be not reasonable to pay more and get involved with this product again. Seller didn't try hard enough.

I am educated in electronics and can say that these bulbs are probably using really bad quality resistors which get burnt after time...
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