LED light bulbs buying guide

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LED lights can help you to reduce your electricity bills because they use far less electricity than traditional incandescent light bulbs
Socket types
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Socket types

Socket Types

LED light bulbs come with the same range of sockets as traditional, incandescent light bulbs (see list)


LED light bulbs basically come in two main temperature ranges: 
Daylight is usually 6000-6500k
Warm white us usually 3200-3500k

Daylight is a VERY bright white, which can appear to have some blue in it.
Warm white is the closest to the type of light produced by traditional, incandescent light bulbs.

Lumens = brightness

But temperature is not the only consideration when buying LED light bulbs: temperature just tells you the type of white. 

LUMENS tell you how bright the emitted light should be and are often stated as 250LM, 480lm,  etc. A lot of listings for LED light bulbs fail to display the lumens and just tell you what wattage of incandescent bulbs they are said to replace. 

Lighting angles

Lighting angles is another consideration worth noting when buying LED light bulbs, which is not an issue with traditional, incandescent bulbs. This is because all LED light bulbs have a larger, solid base than incandescent bulbs.

Corn type LEDs generally have a 360 degree lighting angle, which means they emit light in every direction.  Most traditional shaped BC22 (bayonet) and E14 (Edison Screw) types have a lighting angle between 180 - 360 degrees but they tend to produce a shadow at the base when seen through light shades, due to their deep non light emitting sections :-/

Dimmable LED light bulbs require LED dimmer switches!

Please be aware that you CANNOT use dimmable LED bulbs with standard dimmer switches! You MUST use them with LED dimmer switches. This entails the further expensive of buying the LED dimmer switches and possibly having them fitted by a qualified electrician.
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