LEGO Wheel Measurement Guide

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Just as LEGO tyres are often difficult to identify, the same applies to LEGO wheels. 

Some people refer to wheels as ‘rims’, but we’ll be using the term rim as an adjective rather than a noun, therefore a rim for the purposes of this guide, refers to the peripheral part of a wheel, to which the tyre is attached.


Simple Wheels:

 A good example of a simple wheel would be 55981.  Using our new nomenclature, this wheel has the following description:
55981: NEW Med Stone Grey LEGO Wheel Wheel Ø18x16mm Wide 
Stripping out standard number and colour info leaves the wheel dimensions of:
  Ø18x16mm Wide 
 The dimension before the ‘x’ describes the Outer diameter.  The dimension after the ‘x’ indicates the wheel width, so the 55981 wheel has an outer diameter of 18mm and a width of 16mm as illustrated below: LEGO Wheel 55981

Complex Wheels:

 Many of LEGO’s wheels have differing outer and rim diameters.  One such example is
2994: LEGO Wheel Ø24/20x14mm Wide
For the wheel outer diameter, you’ll need to use the slide tool featured in the LEGO Tyre Measurement Guide.  The rim diameter however, can always be measured easily with a ruler or tape measure.
Brickbrowser LEGO Wheel 2994
You’ll notice that the width of 14mm is an overall width taken at the widest point.
Whilst the width across the rims might seem like a more relevant size, it’s difficult to measure, so we avoid it.  As with the wheel outer diameter, the overall width is easily measured with our simple slide tool as illustrated:
Next up are wheels which have different rim diameters depending upon the side from which the wheel is viewed.  If we consider wheel 6580 below: LEGO Wheel 6580
6580: LEGO Wheel Ø30/(29/22)x23mm Wide
Notice how the nomenclature deals with differing rim dimensions by including both sizes within parenthesis, largest diameter first, as per the nomenclature for tyres with differing inner diameters.

Slide Measure Tool:

If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to consider constructing a simple slide measure tool for use with wheels and tyres.  It only takes a few minutes and a handful of spare bricks.  Once you have one constructed you’ll be able to easily and consistently measure wheels and tyres making identification difficulties a thing of the past.
This LEGO Wheel Measurement Guide is designed to be read in conjunction with our LEGO Tyre Measurement Guide.

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