LG Google Nexus 6 review

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Google’s own-brand of phones (manufactured by a third-party) have always been extremely popular, offering high-end specs with a plain, untouched version of Android, all for a great price. Following on from the excellent Nexus 5 (manufactured by LG) all eyes are now on what Google has planned for its successor —  the LG Nexus 6.
David Ludlow, editor of Expert Reviews, examines the current rumours to see what we’re likely to get with the phone. Everything’s in flux at the moment, but there’s enough information out there to give us some clues.
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Nexus 6 concept
Release date
This has to be about the most difficult thing to pin down. Google’s pretty good at keeping secrets about its upcoming devices and the LG Nexus 6 is no exception, with very little leaking out so far.

We know Google’s Sundar Pichai has already said there will be no new Google handsets in the first half of the year. Given that we’re now almost past this point, it could mean that we’ll see the Nexus 6 in coming months. In fact Google’s I/O user conference also takes place in June and would be a great place to announce the phone, but there’s no indication this will happen.

Google released the Nexus 5 in October 2013, with the handset going on sale in November. If the company were to stick to the same launch schedule, then it would make sense to see the new handset in October 2014. Some believe that the phone won’t even be launched this year, though, with the release moved back to 2015. Unfortunately, there’s very little information out there to give us a better clue.

Screen size

It’s rumoured the Nexus 6 will be based on the recently released LG G3 smartphone. This has a 5.5-inch screen with a huge  2560 x 1440 resolution, making it the highest resolution phone available. If the Nexus 6 is going to be based on the LG G3, we’d hope this screen is included.

At worst, it would appear as though the Nexus 6 will have a 5.5-inch screen with a Full HD resolution. That’s pretty much par for the course for smartphones and would still mean that the Nexus 6 has a decent display.
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The Nexus 5
Where the Nexus 6 is likely to deviate from the LG G3 is with its design. Although there are precious few details at the moment, it would make sense for the Nexus 6 to have a design similar to the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 4 before it.

We’ve got no problem with this, as the Nexus 5 is a great-looking phone that feels tough.

One of the only minor disappointments with the Nexus 5 was the quality of its camera. Shots lagged behind the quality of the main competition and we’d expect a better snapper in the Nexus 6. Again, there’s not much information at the moment, but the latest rumours suggest a 20-megapixel camera could feature.
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Performance of the Nexus 6
We’re expecting a quad-core 1.5GHz processor inside the Nexus 6, so it can keep pace with other high-end smartphones already available.

It’s likely to be a 64-bit chip, too — Google is said to be working on a 64-bit version of Android and it would make sense to debut this new version on a Nexus 6 with a matching processor.
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This is something where we really don’t have a clue at the moment. Generally speaking, the Nexus line of phones has been extremely good value in the past, with the Nexus 5 costing £299 for the 16GB version and £339 for 32GB. If Google kept that pricing for the new phone, it would be amazing. Higher specs and a high-resolution screen could add to the price, but we’re still expecting to see the Nexus 6 available for considerably less than the competition.
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