LG Intouch Max GW620 review

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This phone has  probably the best qwerty keyboards ,of any of the androids phones so far , very easy to type text messages quickly , It is a very durable solid phone, I've had mine over a year with no problems at all as far as wear and tear goes , It has a choice of two home screens LG's S-Class interface and the android 1.5 three screen front end , android 1.5 can restrict the phone as bluetooth does not work , as does the limited internal memory of 150mb , The phone slows down as you add apps running in the background , I upgraded to android 2.2 two months ago from the netherlands lg site and this has improved things as you can move apps to the sd card , but lack of memory and a 528MHz processor make things run slowly if using large apps like google maps and texting or calling as well , All the preloaded software works well quickoffice is a useful tool lets you open word xl and pdf files that my be attached to emails , The 5mp camera works well if a little slow at times .
I want to upgrade but can find a qwerty keyboard android that does all this phone does with better spec's so come on LG lets have a LG intouch Max II with a 1.5MHZ dualcore processor plenty of memory and a 4.3" capacitive touch screen with a good camera , It would blow the iphone 4s out of the water .
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