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Link Popularity is one of the most important factors affecting your Search Engine rankings. When your site is popular with other web-sites, the Search Engines love you, but if you are the new kid on the block, they ignore you...but if you are the new kid on the block, they ignore you; totally.

Its great to be popular; and improving your Link Popularity will also get you higher rankings on the search engines.

Why is Link Popularity important for higher rankings?

Search Engines are just software programs that try to analyze the utility and validity of your content with regard to certain keywords. It also tries to understand the importance or ranking of your site against all competing sites in its index.

Just how do Search Engines learn about the utility and the validity of your content?

Search Engines just love sites that users love to visit. They love it even more if users spend more time at the site before they browse away. Now how do they know which sites humans love? Obviously with the billions of web pages on the world wide web, the Search Engines cannot manually go to each site and check their content. They let other humans do that work for them. Then they watch as others link to your site. They watch your LINK POPULARITY.

Link popularity simply means how popular are you on the World Wide Web. And your popularity is determined by the number of people linking to your web-site. The greater the number of external links pointing to your web-site, the greater is your ranking. Simple, isn’t it?

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