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This will be my private list of the worst Ebay users which I had unpleasure to meet. I'm doing this to warn others - what kind of troubles you can experience when bid not correct listing...
Feel free to ask for more details - I will reply as soon as possible.

My rating is by subjective opinion: HOW much I advise against bidding his listings.

1) NADEM MALIK (ebay user: geneve-calibre)
My rating: 10/10
Item bought: Nokia N80
Dispute topic: should be refurbished, it was used in fact
PayPal's dispute result: money refunded

This user is a real psycho. His account on Ebay should be closed as he abuses others when he can't cope with returns - he thinks he can sell and take your money and that's it.
Try to send back item, or give him a negative (or neutral) feedback - you will be intimidated. He can call you couple times and make threats like "I will come to your house", or "you will take a lesson, you will remember, it will be your nightmare". He invents incredible lies like reporting your listings to police as you must sell stolen parts, calling embassy (if you are not British), informing PayPal and Ebay headquarters that YOU MAKE A THREAT while he is threating you all the time. He is notorious liar, so don't believe his any word. If you think he is fine - it's a SHAM. Beware. Unless... your item is fine - so he is fine, too. But problems arise when you've got different opinion than HIS OWN, like "item is not as described", "item is faulty", or "item is a fake, not original".

It's not the end. As a revenge (to make a lesson for you) he will follow your listings and through other accounts he will buy your items and send them back leaving you a negative feedback. Of course, you can't proove he is not right, because UNFORTUNATELY Ebay supports buyers more and requires no proofs from them, but you as a seller must show any proof (like police report). It's ridiculous as when no damage is done by buyer - no police report is made.. ergo... you can't prove buyer was not right sending back item claiming it doesn't work whether IT WORKS. Clear ? Clear. But you've got a negative feedback.

Oh, I'd forget - he is a muslim rasist. He doesn't allow certain nationalities to bid his listings. Would you send him a proper comment ? ;-)

There are AT LEAST two users on Ebay who can confirm that.


2) JASON COLLIER (ebay user: jasongjc)
My rating: 6/10
Item bought: Acer Travelmate
Dispute topic: should be in good condition, was very weak in fact
PayPal's dispute result: money refunded

This guy tried to sell me a crap. Probably he made a listing with too optimistic description, but - as trading shows - optimistic you can be in your live, not during selling used parts. Or maybe he didn't see exactly what he was selling.. anyway - this guy can be rude, he would love to make additional costs for you when negative feedback left. He claims "if you left me negative, there's no point to be helpful". Right, don't give him any gun then....
Watch out description in his listings and you better ask twice and DO WAIT for response.

Oh, I'd forget - his responses regard to some other outer space questions, probably asked by other space being (similar to him). So don't expect he will answer exactly YOUR questions...


3) JASON BURNINGHAM (ebay user: tompicker)
My rating: 9/10
Item sold: XFX GeForce 8800GS
Dispute topic: should be working, was not working (by buyer)
PayPal's dispute result: had to refund money

Well, personally I think the result of PayPal's dispute was failure of justice. Not because I lost, but because I as a seler  had no chance to prove I was right. And I was right, in fact.
I sold this working card to someone, who probably didn't know much about computers. I always give advice to people and I try to be helpful, but there was no chance that time. The thing is buyer couldn't make this card working - there could be couple reasons (like too weak PSU, not connected additional power plug, not compatible motherboard etc etc), but HE GAVE ME NO CHANCE to help. He just claimed for refund, as reason he wrote "Faulty card, I paid for working card". Just 7 words, that's it.
I knew card had to be working, but PayPal didn't expect any proofs of failure - like pictures, symptopms etc. For PayPal "not working" is enough for making a refund. Ridiculous.
So money has been deducted from my PayPal's account and card has been returned. When I opened the box, I was terrified: this card smelled like it was burnt. Moreover - backplate was bent and it was not my fault. Dear Mr Burningham did it and he even didn't say sorry (!).
I've repaired it, it was quite easy... and prepared for worst I've put card to computer... power on... and how do you think ? Of course, card was still working.
So Mr Burningham almost burnt my card, destroyed it a bit, and as a PRIZE he got a REFUND.
Total disaster.
PayPal was kind to say I need a police report to prove it was destroyed. What should I do ? Go to the police and say "someone bent a piece of metal" ?

The best is: this card has been sold later, with 100% positive feedback. Working. So please include in your listings a note "please check compatibility before bid", otherwise you can experience something similar...


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